Your dashcam footage - Why Use PoliceWitness To Report Dangerous Drivers? 

Always Report Through PoliceWitness 

There are several reasons why we would recommend you ALWAYS report through our service. Firstly, very few forces allow this facility. To know which ones do and which ones don't can be frustrating and time consuming.  
But that's not the reason why you should report all incidents through PoliceWitness. As an intermediary we work on your behalf. So when reporting to the police, in the eyes of the authorities 'We are You'. 
This is important, because our priority is to safeguard and protect YOU...and your livelihood! Let us explain why.  
PoliceWitness review EVERY incident submitted for a number of reasons.  
First and foremost we want to protect you, as its easy whilst 'caught up in the moment' of observing another driver's poor driving that we inadvertently commit an offence ourselves. If this dashcam footage were then uploaded directly to the police, without our casting eye, the police would be of the mind that if they were to prosecute one, it would be unfair not to prosecute the other.  
In circumstances where our member has made an error in judgement, we use the opportunity to educate and reinforce positive driving habits, whilst providing them with the option (and our opinion) whether to submit the incident to the police, or not. 
Remember our aim is hold dangerous drivers who wilfully flout the law to account, not innocent motorists who have made a small mistake.  

Reporting Made Easy  

PoliceWitness act as a filter for the police. Our aim to save the police time; so we locate the exact time and place in the footage the offence takes place and convey that to the police with our own assessment of the circumstances.  
Knowing which police force to report to is another reason to report through PoliceWitness.  
Now in our 7th year, PoliceWitness welcomes the news that some police forces are allowing the public to upload dash cam footage of dangerous drivers, directly to their websites. This is a huge step forward and we hope more will follow.  
With some 43 forces each with varying priorities, we are still a far cry from the central digital uploading system we began talking to ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers - now the NPCC - The National Police Chiefs Council) about many years ago. But, its progress nonetheless.  
So far X of of 43 forces have adopted their own reporting system and procedure. Others have indicated they would like the incident reported via 101, others would like you to attend a police station in person. 
Each reporting form and procedure are different, some short, some long. Even knowing which force to report to can be a challenge. (For example an incident on the motorway) 
So with some forces allowing people to upload dashcam footage directly, why continue to report through PoliceWitness? 

We don't persecute innocent motorists 

As we have maintained we don't want to persecute innocent motorists nor waste valuable police resource.  
Our aim is to target dangerous drivers who have little regard for other road users and pedestrians; for example those who use a mobile phone at the wheel, those who overtake on double solid white lines, those who drive down the hard shoulder whilst others queue patiently, and those who jump red traffic signals. 
It is those who almost go out of their way to put others at risk that we seek to hold to account, not someone of perhaps later years who has simple made an error in judgement.  
We all think we're great drivers, but even those who genuinely are, can easily make a mistake when driving in an area unfamiliar to them.