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We would love to hear from you on your experiences in using our Police Witness cameras. Please leave your reviews in the comment form below. We would appreciate it if you could let us have the model number so that we can recommend this to other potential camera users. 
On 20th March 2017 at 14:17, Julian H wrote:
The dod ls470w+ was on offer and after reviewing it seemed a cheaper version of the nextbase 402/512. I have been impressed by the dod for the price i paid. Images are clear, set up was quick and easy, the settings are clear and easily changed. I had to buy an sd card but you can get them everywhere nowadays. I opted to include the life time membership as my insurance renewal was due and as promised i have saved on last years premium. I would recommend the dod to anyone wanting a forward facing camera. JH
On 20th March 2017 at 14:14, Kim W wrote:
I already owned a dash cam but wanted a way to report dangerous drivers I caught on film. Since i joined policewitness I have reported several red light jumpers and a dangerous overtake on a blind bend. All of these have been dealt withy by the police via policewitness. For £49 I can report as often as I like and I am now taking advantage of the discounted Vue Cinema tickets (handy as it is my local cinema). I would recommend the membership if you already have a dash cam.
On 6th March 2017 at 15:56, Miss Jenkins wrote:
I decided to order the Dod ls470w+ as it had good reviews and was on offer so I saved £40.00. It didn't come with an sd card but I got one at my local supermarket. I set it up in 15 minutes and found it very simple. The settings and controls are very easy and the dash cam hides nicely behind my mirror so I don't really notice it. I have found the images very clear and I definately feel more protected using my dash cam. I opted for the membership too and have already used my discounted Vue cinema tickets. I would recommend the dod and membership.
On 6th March 2017 at 15:53, Clive W wrote:
I already own a dash cam (a Blackvue dual system) and have my own YouTube channel where I upload videos of incidents I capture. I wasn't doing anything with the incidents until I saw an advert for policewitness and how they can liaise with the police on my behalf. I joined (got a discount on the lifetime membership) and now I still upload to YouTube but also complete an online report form via policewitness and voila they send to and deal with the police side. I have had confirmation from 2 forces that they are dealing with my incidents so I am very happy. For £49 I can now report as many times as I want, get discounts off restaurants and vue cinema and cheaper car insurance. CW
On 20th February 2017 at 10:44, Phil J wrote:
I wanted a front and rear camera for all round protection so opted for the BlackVue 650 dual system (i got a discount off the price which was a bonus). The images from both camera is very clear, I can easily identify registration numbers. The wiring is hidden behind the trim of my car and both cameras are discreet and are not 'obvious'. I have not opted for hard wiring the camera yet but this is something I am considering for 24 hour protection. I am very happy with the BlackVue and the service from policewitness, delivery was the next day and I have used the membership to report incidents I have captured.
On 20th February 2017 at 10:41, Clive Woods wrote:
I already owned the BlackVue 650 dual system and was recording so many incidents I wanted to do something with all the incidents I saw. I really havent got time to keep going to my local police station so ordered the life time membership from policewitness. I now send my incidents to policewitness who review and send to the relevant police force on my behalf. It is very quick and simple. I have proof that the incidents are acted upon and this is via 3 different forces (so far). Other benefits of being a member include cheaper car insurance (I saved approx £90), discount vouchers to restaurants etc and now I can get discounted Vue cinema tickets. I would recommend getting membership if you want any of the above. CW
On 20th February 2017 at 10:38, Holly D wrote:
I am reviewing the DOD LS470W+ which I purchased just before Christmas. I did my research before ordering and found the DOD is very similar the Nextbase but was a lot cheaper and was on offer (I believe it is still on offer). The camera does not come with a sd card but I got one at my local supermarket. I set it up myself and did not have any issues. I found the instructions clear and I was able to hide the wiring (which I was worried about). I can easily transfer the files from the sd card to my computer and then to YouTube if I need to report an incident. I did opt for membership to policewitness and have made use of their online reporting form for incidents I have captured. I would definately recommend the DOD and also membership if you do want to report incidents you capture on your dash cam.
On 6th February 2017 at 13:31, David S wrote:
I used the discount code save107memb (not sure if this is still valid?) to get £107 off life time membersip, cost me just £49, a one off payment for life time benefits. I have reported 2 red light jumpers and a motorist who overtook on solid white lines, all 3 are being actioned by the police as police witness reported them on my behalf. I haven't used the cheaper car insurance yet as it is not due until May. I have used the money off cinema tickets and used vouchers from their scheme (similar to Groupon), for £49 it was well worth joining just to be able to report all the idiotic driving I witness on a daily basis. Mr S.
On 6th February 2017 at 13:27, Simon J wrote:
i recently became a life time member of PoliceWitness after seeing an offer for discounted membership. My car insurance was due for renewal and being a member of PoliceWitness I was able to negotiate a reduced premium. I also use the reporting process as I already posted my incidents on YouTube so this was very quick to do. The latest benefit is discounted Vue cinema tickets which is a bonus for me as it is my local cinema and I go regularly. For £49 for life time membership it was well worth it.
On 6th February 2017 at 13:25, Mr J Roberts wrote:
I already owned a dash cam but saw an offer to join policewitness with a reduced membership cost. I had never done anything with any incidents I captured on my dash cam and as I seemed to be capturing something almost daily I decided to join so that I could report incidents via policewitness and also take advantage of the membership benefits. For £49 (one off cost) I can now send my reports to policewitness and they send to the relevant police force. It is very quick and simple. I have the option for discounted car insurance (when my renewal is due) and money off the cinema and restaurants. I would recommend membership and have told my dash cam friends about policewitness. JR
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