Which Camera? - let us help you choose the right dash cam for you 

PoliceWitness.com seeks to empower and protect you on the road through the use of dash cam technology, at home as part of our community watch programme and personally using our FREE 999 emergency police app.  
But choosing a dashcam can be a minefield, as not everything that looks the same, is the same. Buy with confidence through policewitness.com - where we've done the hard work for you. All the cameras featured below meet the high standards we insist upon to ensure that the footage they record are of evidential quality and admissible in court. 
We won't be beaten on price either, known brands, at the lowest prices. Guaranteed. 
All cameras are supplied with or without our unique lifetime membership, so you choose what suits best. Our service provides the ultimate protection for you and your family, your motoring costs and your pride and joy. With the added benefit of being able to hold dangerous drivers to account. Hundreds of law flouting drivers have already faced real police action, all thanks to members of the public like you. 
Can't see a discount code for the model you want? Just ask! 
With the PoliceWitness service you get so much more than just a very convenient way to stop dangerous drivers in their tracks, our experience and the reason this service was set up is that many forces tend not to act when a member of public reports offences directly.Our track record of success is evident with fines and points issued, through to driver disqualification and driving re-training. In fact, we're very proud to announce that a dangerous driver reported to policewitness.com has been imprisoned, banned for 2 years and 4 months, and will need to resit an extended driving test before getting behind the wheel again. Don't confuse PoliceWitness.com as just a dash cam supplier, we provide tested product and a service that is completely unique...but more importantly a service that gets results. Dangerous drivers beware! 
Using our service is designed to be cash neutral, all our members receive access to The Police Witness Recognition Scheme, which provides our members with discounts, savings and coupons off every day purchases. Included are a wide range of well-known brands and high street names, from clothing through to holidays. Further, in the event of a collision which has been caught on video, our members are afforded the services of the Insurance Representation Team, who negotiate the rights of the footage to win cash back for our members, whilst protecting your no claims bonus, excess and next years premium. 
We look at membership to PoliceWitness.com as just another form of insurance, however an insurance with real tangible benefits, and a great deal of satisfaction knowing that drivers who flout the law, putting others at risk, are being held to account. 
**Remember you get so much more than just a camera when you buy from us** 

Simply select the type of camera you need from the selection below.  Then choose either camera ONLY, or to save money, bundle your in-car camera or dash cam with our unique lifetime membership, saving you £107!!!  Windscreen Mounted - Front Facing Cameras 

Nextbase 512G 
RoadHawk HD 
Nextbase 402G 
DOD LS470W+ 
Silent Witness SW010 
iON with LCD screen 
BlackVue DR650S 1 Channel  
Lukas QVIA T790 
iON with wifi 

Forward and Rear Facing Cameras 

BlackVue DR650S 2 Channel  
Lukas QVIA R975 
Nextbase DUO 
Qvia AR790 WD 2 Channel  

Commercial Vehicle Cameras 

RoadHawk HD Premium 

Bike Cameras 

RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto 
Action Plus 


From £69 

 Got your own dash cam / in car camera? 

No problem. You can still get protection and all the benefits of PoliceWitness membership with any of these simple membership options. 
Lifetime membership naturally offers the best value for money. But do read our member reviews if you’re at all unsure. Or if you prefer drop us an email. We’re here to help. 
Remember - If you buy a Police Witness dash cam / in car camera from this website full lifetime membership can be bundled for just £49 at time of purchase, amazing value! If you have your own dash cam, choose from a trial or lifetime membership. 
3 month trial 
Annual membership 
Life time membership 
*New* one off reporting option - £6 


PoliceWitness.com liaises daily on your behalf with police forces all around the country and has a proven track record of initiating prosecutions against those drivers who flout the law and have been caught on video putting others in needless danger... 


PoliceWitness.com liaises daily on your behalf with police forces all around the country and has a proven track record of initiating prosecutions against those drivers who flout the law and have been caught on video putting others in needless danger... 


For your peace of mind all the dash cams / in car cameras featured here have been extensively tested and meet all the exacting standards required to satisfy the police, the courts and of course your insurer... 
Examples of the HD quality footage you can expect from our recommended dashcams: 
The DOD Ultra 
The Silent Witness Expert 
The RoadHawk HD 
The Nextbase 512G 
Remember, all the above cameras have the option to include life long membership to our unique service. 
✔  Protect yourself, your car and your motoring costs 
✔  Our members get genuine cheaper car insurance! 
✔  Even earn cash from your dash cam footage! 
✔  Dash cams are easy - simply plug it in and go! 
✔  Report those who put others in harms way 
✔  Enjoy a host of membership benefits - click here 
Watch this short video for an overview of what Police Witness is about and what being a member means to you and your pocket.