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PoliceWitness.com was established in March 2011 by former Assistant Chief Constable Alan Featherstone and entrepreneur Matt Stockdale, now in its 8th year PoliceWitness.com boasts an incredible track record. The PoliceWitness.com service is completely unique.  
PoliceWitness whilst a company, is in the main a philanthropic organisation, funded by its founders. Member or not we never turn away someone in need of assistance. We receive no funding or government grant of any kind yet perform numerous civic duties every day to help hold bad drivers to account.  
We operate much like a charity shop, promoting membership, dash cams and other security related items to help cover the costs of running the organisation. Where there is a shortfall the founders personally fund the organisation to continue providing this service to members of the public who want and need support. 
PoliceWitness.com has extensive knowledge of both frontline and strategic policing, and the operation of the Crown Prosecution Service. Through its contacts with the police, PoliceWitness.com facilitates the consideration of ‘prosecution quality’ video evidence supplied directly from the public, reporting road related incidents in a format the police and CPS recognise and can act upon. Reports are submitted directly to a specifically assigned officer, thus by-passing the control centre who are then free to process more urgent requests for assistance. 
This proactive approach to true ‘public’ policing offers a standardised, commercial methodology across all forces, saving our police forces huge amounts of resource and planning. Whilst providing this service, PoliceWitness.com is able to identify countrywide public perceptions, and more importantly expectations, with regard to road related offences and the service provided by the authorities. 
To date over a thousand motorists who have driven with little regard for others have faced a host of remedies, from fines and points on their licences, through to disqualification and even prison.  
"This unique service offers the best protection and support to motorists and communities. Video footage caught on an in-car camera is the most successful way of securing a conviction against those who flout the law" - Alan Featherstone Assistant Chief Constable (ret) 

Management Profiles 

Full Name: Alan Featherstone 
Preferred Name: Alan 
Position: Director 
Born: 1956, Co Durham 
Nationality: English 
Responsible for: Management of business at the strategic and operational level 
Previous Role: Chief Police Officer 
Career History 
Like every police officer, started as a constable. Worked primarily in the Leeds area for 12 years, managing teams of over 30 officers for more than half this time. Promoted after a period in the West Yorks. 
Police Policy Unit and held command posts in 3 Divisions before transferring to Northamptonshire Police as head of the Professional Standards Dept, leading investigations into public complaints and police misconduct as a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO). 
Became Assistant Chief Constable in 2004 and held responsibility for all front line operational policing for 5 years until retirement. 
'This unique service offers the best protection and support to motorists and communities. Video footage caught on an in-car camera is the most successful way of securing a conviction against those who flout the law.' 
Full Name: Matthew Stockdale 
Preferred Name: Matt 
Position: Chairman 
Born: 1969 
Nationality: British 
Responsible for: The strategic direction of the business and policy 
Previous Role: Managing Director of Homepride Limited, 2002-2009 
Career History 
As a young apprentice I worked for several years in the motor racing industry, building race engines for Formula 1, F3000 and Indy car. In the 90’s I started to take a keen interest in management and left motor racing behind for a career in telecoms. 
I held several management positions before facing redundancy for a second time in 1999. The .com crash created new opportunities and a different focus, the result was the decision to start my own company. 
The years that followed were spent developing and shaping Homepride Limited, a retailer supply business. The company was sold in 2009 to a PLC. 
Claim to Fame: 
I built Nigel Mansell’s debut and championship winning engine when he turned to Indy Car in 1993. Not quite as exciting, I am also responsible for cleaning around 9 million ovens between 2002 and 2009! I invented Oven Pride, ‘the one with the bag’ the UK’s No 1 oven cleaner. 
Most Memorable Controversial Decision: 
In 2009 I took the decision to take our brand to new heights with the release of a new advertising campaign, the slogan “Oven Pride...so easy a man can do it!” There was uproar! Sales more than doubled as customers commented on the funny, yet sometimes realistic portrayal of an average co-hab couple. Nearly 600 complaints (nearly all male) were made to the Advertising Standards Authority, luckily none were upheld and we were allowed to continue. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat! Sales doubled overnight. 
Area of Expertise: 
I have learned to trust my gut and go with my instinct, particularly where new product ideas and brands are concerned. 
Two commendations during my service in Northants Police, both of which I am very proud of. Selling Homepride, a company I started in my spare room. 
Future Goals: 
To write a book about starting, growing and selling a business. Whilst there are many self help books out there, none to my knowledge tell the reader the actual steps of success. They talk ‘of’ them, but not about them. I want to inspire others who have that burning desire to change their lives. However I will share the actual steps of know how! Watch this space. 
My family foremost. Policing, I served for 7+ years as a Special Constable in Northants Police. A rewarding way to spend your time, highly recommended. Other interests include photography and motor racing. 
Married to Maxine, who shows her endless support for me each and every day. We have a wonderful daughter, Lauren-Tayla, who appears to have me wrapped round her little finger. Daddy’s princess (...of course!) 
“...surround yourself with good people, encourage them, empower them and trust them...” 
“...success is a state of mind” 
“don’t take life too seriously...business should be fun...” 
“laugh at yourself from time to time...” 
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Effective and up-to-date communication is a key part of our business. We draw upon global resources to impart the very latest news and advances in our field of expertise. 
Relations with our customers, partners and the media are very important to us therefore we hope that you find this media area simple, comprehensive and easy to use. 
To assist the media we offer our own views and opinions on a variety of news and related articles. 
If you need any specific help or information please don’t hesitate to contact us at: customerservices@policewitness.com 
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What is ‘Crash for Cash and Flash for Crash’? 
In its simplest form, ‘Crash for Cash’ is what it says. A fraudster, realising that the law and insurance companies operate a presumption of fault against a driver who collides with the rear of the car in front of them, will stop suddenly and without reason. 
What is involved? Who is doing it? 
The resulting collision will be settled in their favour for the cash value of their car (which would normally have had little or no value otherwise). However, they will also be paid out for any “injuries” – usually whiplash – which they claim to have suffered. This sum will often be greater than the value of the car. As this scam became more widespread, it began to involve a passenger, or quite often passengers, who also claim to be injured and who act as witnesses. 
Targeting the vulnerable 
In order to avoid detection those involved in carrying out the scam started preying on lone females and the elderly; both groups being more likely to think or accept that they had done something wrong. Company and goods vehicles were also targeted in more sophisticated scams using two or more vehicles, recently featured in the media. 
How will an in-car camera / dash cam help? 
Organised fraud, alone, costs the motor insurance industry – and therefore all of us – a staggering £400 million every year!. Other, less organised fraud costs us as much again. If you are using an in-car DVR also known as a dash cam you can prove what happened, and that you were driving safely. 
What’s more, the images you capture will assist the police in arresting and prosecuting those involved, who will otherwise simply move on to their next victim. 
Young Drivers 
Good drivers – the careful, considerate and courteous – are put at risk by those who choose to ignore the rules. Good, careful young drivers pay hugely inflated insurance premiums due to the perceived risk. Not helped by the careless and sometimes criminal use of vehicles on the road. 
PoliceWitness.com can help to reduce both the physical and the financial risk. 
The use of an in-car digital video camera (DVR ‘Black Box’), also known as a 'dash cam' of the right specification, will capture not only the rare unfortunate accident but also the collision caused by careless, inconsiderate or even dangerous driving. 
Not only will PoliceWitness.com potentially reduce your insurance premium, we will save your “excess” if you are not at fault. And that insurance excess - anywhere between £200 and £1000 - is lost by 75% of drivers involved in a collision! You will lose your excess unless there is overwhelming evidence to support you – even when you have driven faultlessly. Policewitness.com can change that. 
Insurance companies can ONLY offer reduced premiums in response to reduced risk. With our help, you can PROVE you are a safe driver, meaning cheaper insurance. 
The benefits to all Young Drivers can be even greater (particularly following the European Court ruling meaning insurance companies cannot discriminate in favour of female drivers) because of the huge premiums involved. Male and female, newly qualified and the experienced, can benefit from reductions of hundreds of pounds if you can prove your driving is in accordance with the law. 
PoliceWitness.com has concerns about the costs levied on young drivers. 
How can it be right that an 18 year old is charged £3000+ for their car insurance, regardless of their driving skills or habits? 
PoliceWitness.com seeks to change the way young drivers are assessed, to the benefit of both the young driver and the insurance industry. 
The ‘no-claims’ bonus discount scheme takes a minimum of three years to effectively cut a premium by half. Therefore under the current ‘insurance risk’ considerations, a young driver would have paid a disproportionate amount of money for their insurance during this period, when compared to the value of their vehicle. 
This is wrong and may tempt drivers to risk driving their vehicles without insurance! This puts both them and other drivers at substantial risk, so we MUST change the system. 
How? The only way is to use technology to prove to insurers that a young driver is driving safely, responsibly and in accordance with the law. In doing so, they demonstrate they are a safe driver, and therefore should pay less for their insurance. 
Can we change driver habits? 
PoliceWitness.com is committed to changing driver habits. Those habits are often portrayed as those of the stereotypical young male – fast, brash and rash. 
The driving habits are actually those of a far wider group - as much as twenty years older - and often female. We must not forget that many young males do not fit this stereotype and are actually careful and considerate drivers. 
It’s not just the collisions that those with poor driving habits are involved in, it’s those that they cause (ironically, an accusation which those drivers level in turn at the elderly, who may at times be excessively cautious). Across the pages of this website PoliceWitness.com offers help, support and guidance whether it is your own driving habits you wish to improve or whether you want to better understand how you can impact directly upon the driving habits of those who put others at risk. 
We can all be more aware of our own driving. 
A secondary way in which PoliceWitness.com can contribute towards changing driver habits is by helping all of us to be more aware of our own driving and of that around us. Utilising the right technology, together with the best advice can save most drivers over 20% on both the cost of fuel and the cost of parts such as tyres. 
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