Benefits of being a member of PoliceWitness: 
1) You are able to hold those who flout the law and put others in needless danger to account with real police action 
2) You can use our online reporting portal to report dangerous motorists (no limits or restrictions) 
3) There is no need to attend a police station 
4) We review EVERY incident and video clip you send before we submit to the police, our aim to protect your interests, first and foremost. (This to ensure you haven't inadvertently committed an offence too) 
5) You receive cash in exchange for third parties to use your footage following a collision (average is around £200 per incident). Mrs Cohead, from the Midlands caught on her dash cam a 2 car collision near a supermarket and received £200 for just a few seconds of footage. Mrs Cohead, like all our members received 100% of the payment PoliceWitness negotiated. This one incident alone paid for her dash cam! How’s that for service? Watch the video here. 
6) You have access to insurers who recognise that motorists who use dash cams are a lower risk and hence premiums are lower 
7) We fight your corner in the event you are involved in an accident, our aim to safe guard your premium, your no claims discount and your excess 
8) Get £10% off the IAM Advanced Driver Course. 
9) Optional enrolment to the PoliceWitness Community Watch initiative 
Help keep our roads and communities safer. 
Benefits of a dash cam: 
1) The ultimate protection for you and your family - feel empowered, safe in the knowledge your journeys are recorded....just in case! 
2) Giving you the ability to prove your version of events 
3) Protect against fraudulent personal injury claims or 'crash for cash' scams 
4) Prove your innocence if wrongly accused 
5) Protect your insurance premium, policy excess and your no claims bonus 
6) Protect your pride and joy whilst parked and unattended 
7) Earn cash from your footage. Your dash cam purchase could be FREE!  
(see point 5 of benefits of being a member) 
Mrs Cohead, from the Midlands caught on her dash cam a 2 car collision near a supermarket and received £200 for just a few seconds of footage.  
Mrs Cohead, like all our members received 100% of the payment PoliceWitness negotiated. 
How does benefit you most? 
The answers will depend on whether you seek benefits for yourself, your family or your company fleet. They may also depend on how concerned you are about the driving standards on our roads, or how some individuals needlessly put our lives at risk each day. 
The benefits of using are numerous. Whether you are an individual, a small business or fleet manager, here are just a few; 
The Benefits to you Personally 
Earn money from your footage. If you capture a third party incident on your dash cam, we can 'sell' your footage to the insurance companies to prove liability. Recently another happy member received £200 - Mrs Cohead said: "Having invested in a dash cam to protect my own motoring interests I am delighted that PoliceWitness secured me such a large sum of money when my camera caught a third party incident, thank you PoliceWitness". 
Paying too much already? Don’t wait for your renewal, enquire today and you’ll save a fortune. (*dependent on your post code). To reiterate, this is not a marketing ploy where 15% discounts are offered off already inflated premiums, nor is this a comparison site tie up that generates web traffic. This is a genuine benefit with genuine savings for members of 
Steering consumers towards reputable, UK based suppliers offering 'evidential' quality products, exceptional customer service and of course a genuine product warranty. Each recommended camera on our site is supplied with a life-long membership to our unique service. (Which is designed to pay for itself over and over).  
This is the most unique part of our service. We liaise with the police in a format they know, understand and can act upon. With decades of policing experience, both front line and strategic, reported incidents from our members (which are reported through our members area) are reviewed with our members interests our primary focus. With an offence confirmed we identify the relevant police force and seek to liaise with a specific point of contact, whilst ensuring the police have all the relevant information necessary to act and hold the reporting bad driver to account. 
Our reporting procedure even captures the impact that motoring incidents have on our everyday lives, meaning the ability to communicate exactly how the incident has left you feeling. Whether you are upset, angry, afraid or apprehensive, PoliceWitness ensures your message is conveyed along with what your expectations are! 
As a member of, we represent your interests constantly, meaning less stress and inconvenience for you. We provide support, advice and representation for our members, liaising with insurers, the police, legal advisers and other third parties such as commercial firms who may have been involved in a reported incident. All our members receive complimentary support through our Insurance Representation Service. 
Easy Communication with the Police 
WE LIAISE WITH THE POLICE FOR YOU liaises with every police force in the country, meaning no matter where the incident happened, we have it covered. Our reporting process was designed in collaboration with the Met, meaning the police receive reports in a format they know and can act upon. One system and one point of contact, as opposed to thousands of unique reports. 
Through our in-depth knowledge of the police service, and the Crown Prosecution Service, we help to secure the very best possible outcome of each incident you report through Our track record of success is evident with fines and points issued, through to driver disqualification and driving re-training. In October 2015 a driver was even imprisoned as a result of our efforts to hold dangerous drivers to account. (A 24 year male was sentenced to 8 months in prison and banned from driving for 28 months after admitting dangerous driving) 
Your Vehicle Insurance 
With our assistance you will be able to demonstrate to car insurers that you are a responsible driver, which means you will qualify for substantial insurance savings, negotiated by 
The high quality video evidence you capture will show clearly the other party is at fault, allowing to safeguard not just your no claims bonus, your excess and the following years premium too. 
An in-car dash-cam, sometimes referred to as a ‘Black Box’ continuously proves your driving style, showing speed, acceleration, cornering and braking forces.  
In the event of an accident here is how to get cash back with our help, follow our advice here: 
On average we secure around £200-300 in exchange for the rights to YOUR video footage. We would also try and negotiate a reduction of next year’s premium too.  
In the event of a collision, your in-car camera or dashcam will prove you were in the right, meaning your claim is agreed and finalised within a matter of days, not months. 
Safer Roads 
Peace of mind, empowerment and security, never be a victim of road rage again, cameras seem to simmer the most angry of individual! 
ERADICATE CRASH FOR CASH AND FLASH FOR CASH aims to empower 10’s of thousands, if not 100’s of thousands of concerned drivers so that we can eradicate ‘crash for cash’ scams from our streets, meaning the estimated £400 million cost to insurers is not passed onto the general public. If you record your journeys with a discreet and simple to install dash cam and allow to fight your corner, never again will you be a powerless victim of insurance bureaucracy, road rage, or genuine insurance fraud such as Crash for Cash and Flash for Cash. 
Your Children's Safety 
As a parent, or perhaps a bus driver, do you fear for the safety of children on or near our roads? Do you despair at the amount of drivers who do not comply with the 20mph limit around schools, or simply ignore crossing patrols? 
Parking around schools has always been a problem, even though almost all of those responsible are parents themselves. Vehicles are left in dangerous and obstructive places, restricting the view of other motorists and making it difficult for children and parents to cross the road safely. 
What can be done? 
Trying to get anything effective done about individuals, or the issue as a whole, is frustrating and frequently pointless. This is partly because the power to act against offenders rests almost exclusively with the police service and this is just one of many high priority demands upon their time. 
But you can help by bringing evidence-based pressure to bear upon Local Authorities who have the power to regulate the highways. has been established with the primary purpose of supporting and enabling members of the public who want to make a difference in situations, like those described above 
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