PoliceWitness has secured the cheapest car insurance for our members 
Important news - No gimmicks or marketing ploys, PoliceWitness.com has secured the cheapest car insurance for members using a dash cam in their vehicle. Guaranteed*. 
Paying too much already? Don’t wait for your renewal, enquire today and you’ll save a fortune. 
Mr R recently reviewed the RAC dash cam here and wrote: "The BEST part is actually their insurance tie up with Zenith. On comparison websites I was quoted £595 as the cheapest but due to purchase of this camera from PoliceWitness.com I was quoted £450 and that is a saving of £145, which means the dash cam got paid itself. I would definitely recommend the camera and it would be worth getting a quote for insurance as well" 
(*Guaranteed - this is dependent on your post code as certain post codes are assocaiated with higher risk) 
This is a genuine benefit with genuine savings for those associated with PoliceWitness.com - Members can Click here to find out more information. 
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