Accident Representation Service 
IMPORTANT - The following advice ONLY applies to members who have not yet taken up insurance with our partners; Adrian Flux and the Insurance Factory, and are still insured with 'non dash cam friendly' insurers.  
Those who have opted for discounted insurance through our partner enjoy the benefits of stress-free claims. They simply hand over their dash cam footage and let the professionals resolve their claim, quickly and easily.  
So...for those members who are STILL insured with a 'non dash cam friendly' insurer, follow this advice: 
Please find below important instructions you MUST follow in the event of a collision with another motorist. No matter the severity, it is important you follow these instructions to ensure we are able to safeguard your excess, your no claims bonus, next year’s premium and any cash back negotiated. You must be a member to use this service. 
Following a collision: 
1) Exchange details with the other motorist as per usual, DO NOT mention the incident has been recorded on your in-car camera.  
2) Notify your insurer in the usual way and complete the necessary paperwork. Most insurers now manage claims over the phone. 
3) Ensure you have completed our Letter of Authority – allowing us to act on your behalf. 
4) Make contact with our claims support team, by completing the Insurance Assistance form below 
5) will then contact your insurer – and tentatively make available the footage that proves the collision was not your fault. In doing so, saving the insurer money, yet at the same time negotiating cash back for you and/or a substantial reduction of next year’s premium. This includes safeguarding your excess and no claims bonus, even if it’s not protected. 
How it works - whilst the other motorist may have admitted liability at the scene, it is standard practice for liability to be denied when the paperwork comes through from the other motorists insurer. This is quite normal, with each insurer taking care of their own clients repairs, it’s called ‘knock for knock’. This is a cost saving exercise, preventing lengthy and costly legal fees. Great for the insurer, however at a detriment to you, the policyholder. 
Our members receive our complimentary Accident Representation Service, where we fight to ensure there is no financial impact on you following a collision. As it stands motorists are penalised even if a collision was not your fault. 
Sound complicated?...well, it can be. The simple answer is to switch to a 'dash cam friendly' insurer, such as Adrian Flux or The Insurance Factory, members can find out more here: Cheaper Insurance – striving to protect our members, their property and their driving costs. 
Complete the form below: 
*Your contact details are essential for us to provide the best possible service to you. 
Please make sure you have already uploaded your video evidence to YouTube and that the link works, prior to submitting this report. Remember to set your video privacy setting to 'unlisted' 
Please complete a consent letter which can be found here. Please complete the letter, sign and scan and return. 
You have completed the collision report 
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