New Users - Incident Report Form  Hello again...  As a new registered user, the form below will allow you to report a single incident that has concerned you.  Useful information before you get started:   The types of incidents that the police respond favourably to include; overtaking on solid white lines, clear use of a mobile phone (although this has to be clearly seen on the video that it is a phone and not just a hand up to an ear), jumping red lights, overtaking the wrong side of keep left bollards, use of the hard shoulder, aggressive driving etc.  Common mistakes/helpful hints: Ensure the correct date and time are displayed on the video of the incident, if it is incorrect or missing it cannot be reported to the police. Do not move your dash cam whilst capturing an incident. When uploading your video to YouTube, always ensure the upload is set to 'unlisted' as the default is 'public'. - You will find a 'How to' YouTube guide below should you require assistance.  Check the Youtube link is working. 



Please upload the full incident to YouTube, not just a few seconds of the footage. Keep a hard copy on your computer that includes a minute of footage prior to the incident and a minute of footage after the incident in case the police require this for prosecution purposes. 
Please make sure you have already uploaded your video evidence to YouTube and that the link works, prior to submitting this report. 
Please note: If you are reporting more than one vehicle, please include the details of these vehicles in the 'other things I remember' box, located below. 


* Your contact details are essential for us to provide the best possible service to you. Rest assured, we do not share your details with the person you are reporting. 
* Please note that if you have asked us not to share your details with the police, they will be unable to contact you and if you choose 'No' then the police may not be able to pursue the incident. 


Describe how the incident has affected you and your family. This section communicates to the police and the Crown Prosecution Service how motoring incidents affect people’s everyday lives. It is important that you are honest with yourself about how you are feeling. This could be anything from mild anxiety through to a fear of going back on the road. Did the incident just ruin your day, or has it had a more profound impact on you? Whilst you may feel angry or upset, we ask you to carefully consider this section so that it reflects exactly how you feel. 


Contrary to how it may feel at times, rest assured the police service strives to ensure they meet the expectations of those they serve. Therefore having an idea of what you would like them to do about your complaint helps them enormously. Please note that despite your expected outcome, the police can only act within the confines of the law, and in co-operation with the Crown Prosecution Service. 
You have completed the summary report. 
If you receive an update from the police could you please notify us as occasionally the police will update the person who reported the incident. 


•Before you begin the process of ‘Uploading’ to YouTube it is important that you name your file or it will get lost amongst all the others on YouTube entitled ‘img-1234’, and you will have difficulty identifying it even on your own computer 
•On the Internet, go onto the YouTube site and click on ‘Create account’ 
•You will be asked for your e-mail address, without which you cannot have an account, and then to provide a ‘username’. strongly recommends that you do not use your own name as a ‘username’, in order that nobody can identify you if you do not want them to do so. People viewing YouTube cannot see any other personal details, so what you enter in those fields is a matter of personal choice. 
•We recommend that you create a username which begins ‘PoliceWitness’ in order to contextualise your evidence, for example: PoliceWitnessMary23. 
•Once you are registered, simply click ‘Upload’ and then select the ‘Upload video’ option. 
•Identify the clip you want to post from the files on your own computer and double-click on it. Your video will begin to upload automatically. 
•When it is finished you will see a preview, to confirm that you have uploaded the evidence you want to post. 
•You should then complete the ‘Video information’ section and select your ‘Privacy settings’. 
•Change your video’s privacy settings to make it unlisted. 
•When you upload a video, by default it’s set as a "Public" video, which means that anybody can view it. You can easily change the privacy settings while you’re uploading the video in the "Privacy Settings" section. Or, if you’ve already uploaded the video, you can change the privacy settings by following the steps below: 
1. Visit your Video Manager. 
2. Find the video you’d like to change, then click the Edit button. 
3. In the "Privacy Settings" drop-down menu, select Public, Unlisted or Private. 
4. Under the Advanced tab, also uncheck ‘Notify Subscribers’ . 
5. Click Save changes. 
•Unlisted videos: Making a video unlisted means that only people who have the link to the video can view it. Unlisted videos won’t appear in any of YouTube's public spaces, like your channel, search results or the homepage. 
•To share an unlisted video, just share the link with the people who you’d like to have access to it, and they’ll then be able to see it. The people you share the video with do not need to have a YouTube account to see the video, unlike private videos. 
•The title you choose is important in order that the police and Crown Prosecution Service may locate your evidence: there are literally millions of clips posted every day. Please use the standard format of: policewitness-vehicle registration number-date, for example policewitness-ZX56XZX-16032017. 
•You will be asked to describe your clip, and you may use any description you wish, but be mindful that it may be seen by millions of people as some YouTube clips ‘go viral’ and spread right around the world. 
•A ‘tag’ is used in various ways and is not crucial, but you may think of it as a ‘keyword’, such as ‘Collision’ or ‘Motorway’, to help people searching for that type of clip or evidence. 
•Your category will generally be ‘Autos and Vehicles’, but this is simply an aid to searching YouTube and if you have used a username beginning with PoliceWitness, as recommended, the category will be less important. 
•The ‘Standard YouTube licence’ is appropriate for this type of use, but click on the ‘?’ after each option for a description of the implications. 
•Simply select ‘Save changes’ and you have finished. 
•There is a further option to share your images through your profile (if you have one!) on other websites such as Facebook and Twitter. The choice is yours. 
Reporting an incident is easy! 
Using your dash cam you have captured someone driving in a manner that has caused you great concern and now you want to report it. Next steps; 
1) Create a PoliceWitness alias on YouTube; 
DO NOT use your own personal details if you want to stay anonymous. The first part of your alias should include the words ‘PoliceWitness’ followed by a word or number of your choice. For example: PoliceWitnessBond, or PoliceWitness007. 
2) Upload your video evidence to YouTube 
Making sure you name your video clip in the following way, so that police can locate it: policewitness/registration number of vehicle/date. For example policewitness-KN10GUH-16.03.2017 
3) Then simply complete and submit your report 
Remembering to provide us with the location of the YouTube video clip. (the URL). If you prefer to report anonymously, simply tick the box on the report form that says, ‘Keep my details confidential’. 
Never used YouTube? Click below for instructions, or simply follow YouTube’s set up wizard by visiting and click on ‘Create Account’ in the top right hand corner. 
Please note all fields within the PoliceWitness report are voluntary. Please remember that the amount of information you provide may well have an effect on the outcome. Please remember that to secure a successful outcome, the police and the Crown Prosecution Service will require as much detail as possible. 
This form will only be received by the police during normal office hours, Monday to Friday. 
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