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01/11/2017- The AA - Dash Cams - Game Changer?: 
The comedian George Carlin once said that when you’re out on the road, everyone driving slower than you is an idiot and everyone driving faster is a maniac. It was a joke, obviously, but there’s some truth in it: in the car, we’re not always the best judge of our own behaviour. Sometimes we think we’re the best drivers in the world and the only problem is, well - everyone else. But can that always be the case? Read more here. 
22/09/17 - This is an important message from PoliceWitness: 
The police are acting. Now in our 7th year the great work from members of the public like you has finally resulted in some police forces taking that extra step to better facilitate a more prompt prosecution process. Of the 43 forces, 5 so far have created bespoke web initiatives that allow people to upload incidents to their websites. Read more here. 
18/08/17 - Charity backs decision to allow learner drivers onto motorways: 
Independent road safety charity IAM RoadSmart has welcomed confirmation of the Government’s plan to allow learner drivers on motorways to improve safety, saying they are long overdue and should make a significant difference to accident rates amongst new and inexperienced drivers. Read more here. 
10/07/17 - Brake welcomes new "Do Not Disturb While Driving" feature for iPhones: 
Apple has announced that its iOS 11 software update is to include a new "Do Not Disturb While Driving" mode for iPhones. The new feature will detect when someone is driving and turn off all notifications, as well as setting an automatic text response to notify friends and family when the driver is behind the wheel. Read more here. 
08/05/17 - Speeding fines have risen for the most serious cases: 
Speeding fines for the most serious cases in England and Wales will rise by up to 50% after a review of sentencing guidelines for magistrates' courts. 
A driver caught doing 41mph in a 20mph zone, or 101mph on a motorway, could be fined 150% of their weekly income. Read more here. 
20/03/17 - Fixed Penalty Notices: 
Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) have been around for more than 50 years and are used for a wide range of anti-social behaviour offences, public disorder offences and environmental offences such as littering as well as for many motoring offences. 
An FPN is a conditional offer – you can accept guilt, pay the fine, take the points and the matter will be closed, or you can reject the offer in which case you’ll be summonsed to appear in court. Read more here. 
01/03/17 - New drivers caught using phones to lose licence: 
Drivers caught using a phone within two years of passing their test will have their licence revoked under new rules in England, Scotland and Wales. 
Penalties for using a phone at the wheel double from 1 March to six points and a £200 fine. Read more here. 
20/01/17 - Record numbers of motorists fail to supply valid documents when stopped by police: 
Record numbers of motorists are failing to supply valid documents after being stopped by the police, amid mounting concern over the number of uninsured or unqualified foreign drivers on British roads. In the past five years more than quarter of a million motorists have refused to disclose their identities after being challenged to do so by officers. Read more here. 
04/01/17 - Ministers to discuss mobile phone safe driving modes with manufacturers and providers: 
The Government is worried that motorists are becoming increasingly distracted on the roads and a drive safe mode could allow drivers to make emergency calls only or accept calls from designated people. 
There is also the possibility of automatically blocking the phone using GPS technology if certain speeds are reached. Read more here. 
16/11/16 - This driver didn't think they needed a dash cam but without a dash cam there could have been a very different outcome: 
In a recent motorway road safety incident, a car driver, stuck in stationary traffic on the M1 was surprisingly hit by the vehicle in front of him as it rolled backwards, out of control. Read more here. 
07/11/16 - New course introduced to educate drink drivers of the dangers of drug driving - helping improve road safety: 
The Department for Transport is trialing the addition of drug driving education to the existing rehabilitation courses in England and Wales for people convicted of driving while over the alcohol limit. Read more here. 
28/9/16 - The number of people who use mobile phones behind the wheel in Britain has quadrupled over the last two years: 
A dramatic fall in full-time dedicated roads policing officers in England and Wales has left motorists with "no fear" of being caught for mobile phone offences, a new study reveals
Calling, texting or checking social media on handheld phones has reached "epidemic proportions", according to the major RAC research. Read more here. 
16/9/16 - Motorists face prosecution for driving too close to cyclists: 
Motorists who endanger cyclists by getting too close to them will be prosecuted for driving without due care and attention under a new scheme. 
West Midlands Police have begun proceedings against 38 motorists for what is known as close passing - giving cyclists less than a metre-and-a-half of room. Read more here
5/9/16 - Crash for Cash: 
Definition: to stage or deliberately cause a road traffic collision solely for the purpose of financial gain. 
Costing around £400m a year, 'Crash for Cash' scams are run by fraudsters who manufacture collisions, sometimes with innocent road users, hoping to profit from fraudulent insurance claims. With claims from a single collision potentially worth tens of thousands of pounds, organised fraudsters are orchestrating scams that involve multiple collisions and can be worth millions of pounds. Read more here. 
15/8/16 - PoliceWitness urges car manufacturers to install dashcams as standard: 
The cost of including forward and rear facing cameras in new motors would be negligible and police resources devoted to investigating road traffic accidents would be cut dramatically, helping forces across the UK to ease their spending. 
Cameras capture dangerous driving and anti-social behaviour 
Police will no longer have to spend thousands of pounds on accident investigation costs 
Dangerous drivers prosecuted - without a policeman in sight 
Car manufacturers should install dashcams in every new car off the production line to help police prosecute dangerous drivers. Read more here. 
19/7/16 - Apple Watch Safety Concerns: 
As millions of us dip our toe into the rapidly advancing pool of technology available today, the introduction of a smart watch seems an obvious choice for smartphone users. But could something as innovative and inspiring as the Apple watch really cause serious injury, or even death?s injury, or even death? 
In an open letter to Apple head office, the philanthropic organisation PoliceWitness.com, who help the public assist the police with holding bad drivers to account, suggests it could be placing the road user in danger. Read more here. 
08/7/16 - PoliceWitness lobbied for radical overhaul of the driving test: 
Back in 2014 PoliceWitness encouraged learner drivers to film their driving tests, covertly if necessary, after shocking figures revealed passing or failing the test depends just as much on geography, whether the examiner’s having a good day and their monthly quotas as it does on a parallel parking manoeuvre. 
With many driving instructors already using dash cameras during their lessons, PoliceWitness encouraged the use of video technology during every driving test, through the use of a dash camera. Read more here. 
24/6/16 - PoliceWitness asks Hampshire police to reconsider their lack of action:  
A concerned member of the public was left infuriated after Hampshire police initially shunned his assistance and failed to take steps to safeguard a young child. 
The member of PoliceWitness was taken aback when his camera caught what appears to be a taxi driven behind him with a small child’s head and body hanging outside of the passenger window, clearly not restrained in any way. Read more here
17/6/16 - PoliceWitness footage lands driver in prison:  
Dash cam footage used in court to take a dangerous driver off the road is believed to be the first of its kind, with a motorist paying the ultimate price, his freedom. The police were not involved in the incident; the conviction was based on dash cam footage alone. 
Policewitness.com, a philanthropic organisation that helps the public assist the police has announced today that its unique process has led to a dangerous driver being jailed for 9 months. Read more here. 
10/5/16 - Avoid accidents on the motorway with these essential road safety tips:  
Motorway driving can be daunting for new drivers. But with driver error being responsible for 90% of motorway accidents, staying safe on a motorway is largely down to the way you drive. 
Last year, road deaths rose by 3% on 2014, and around 5% of fatalities and serious injuries happened on a motorway. Although the numbers may seem small, this equals to 3 or 4 people being killed or seriously injured on a UK motorway every day. Read more here. 
29/4/16 - If You Had an Accident – How Would You Prove What Happened? 
However careful you are on the road, sometimes accidents happen. Nearly all car, bike and motorcycle accidents will require evidence to prove liability, even if it is obvious how the accident happened and who was involved. If the accident was not your fault, insurance companies will require strong evidence to support your argument. 
How would you prove what happened? Read more here
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