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15/8/16 - PoliceWitness urges car manufacturers to install dashcams as standard: 
• Cameras capture dangerous driving and anti-social behaviour 
• Police will no longer have to spend thousands of pounds on accident investigation costs 
• Dangerous drivers prosecuted - without a policeman in sight 
Car manufacturers should install dashcams in every new car off the production line to help police prosecute dangerous drivers, the cost of including forward and rear facing cameras in new motors would be negligible and police resources devoted to investigating road traffic accidents would be cut dramatically, helping forces across the UK to ease their spending. 
Motorists who cause accidents and abandon the scene before they can be identified by the police will also have nowhere to hide if manufacturers fitted their vehicles with in-car cameras, says PoliceWitness.com. 
“In any given county in the UK, it is common place to see the police signs that call for witnesses to what is likely to have been a fatal accident,” said Matt Stockdale, PoliceWitness.com’s CEO. “The likelihood of people coming forward with vital information is slim to none and, as a result, the cause of many accidents is frustratingly left unresolved. 
“This is particularly difficult for families who have lost family or friends in a road collision, as they have no closure and will always be wondering who was responsible for the death of their loved one.” 
Dashcams are growing in popularity across the UK, with 10’s of thousands of motorists installing them to protect themselves from insurance scams where unscrupulous motorists crash into another vehicle on purpose. The small cameras record every journey automatically, providing a clear image of the road in front and behind the vehicle, meaning they can prove to their insurers a knock was not their fault. In doing so saving their excess, which is likely to be hundreds of pounds, their no claims bonus and certainly a premium rise next year. 
If a motorist with a dashcam inadvertently records dangerous driving – perhaps a fellow road user talking on their mobile while driving, a motorbike overtaking on a blind bend or a van driver ignoring a red light – they can hand the footage over to PoliceWitness.com, whose experts liaise with the correct team at the relevant police force to pursue the most appropriate action against the driver at fault. 
“By installing dashcams as standard, manufacturers would be able to demonstrate their commitment to promoting road safety and decent driving standards – something they should be as equally concerned with as selling their cars,” said Mr Stockdale. 
“It would free up huge amounts of police resources if an in-car camera were to catch an accident on film because there would be no legwork trying to calculate probabilities of what might have happened – it’d all be there on film, in full HD.” 
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