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PoliceWitness footage lands driver in prison: 
Dash cam footage used in court to take a dangerous driver off the road is believed to be the first of its kind, with a motorist paying the ultimate price, his freedom. The police were not involved in the incident; the conviction was based on dash cam footage alone. 
Policewitness.com, a philanthropic organisation that helps the public assist the police has announced today that its unique process has led to a dangerous driver being jailed for 9 months.  
This landmark decision sets the judicial bar very high and should be a warning to all drivers who may push the boundaries in the absence of a visible police presence; you are being filmed and contrary to public belief, the police and the Crown Prosecution Service do prosecute. With over half million people in the UK already filming their journeys every day, and with the number of people using a dash cam growing exponentially, there is a high likelihood that acts of dangerous driving will be caught on camera. 
The incident was filmed by a PoliceWitness whilst travelling along the A495 near Bronington, Shropshire back in the Spring. A vehicle sped by numerous vehicles on approach to a blind bend. The member who records all of his journeys for his protection, was astonished as the driver of the Golf not only overtook on approach to the blind bend, but literally around it; directly into oncoming traffic. A vehicle coming the other way was forced off the road and onto the verge to avoid a head on collision. The vehicle did not stop, instead it made off at speed down the road, where it performs another deadly manoeuvre at a busy junction. 
The police initially charged the driver with careless driving, however the CPS believed his actions had needlessly endangered others and the charge of dangerous driving was pursued. 
At court in North Wales the driver was not only imprisoned for 9 months, he was also fined, banned from driving for 2 years and will be required to sit and extended driving test before he is allowed back on the road. 
The incident can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/42c1aQB_t40 
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