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08/7/16 - PoliceWitness lobbied for radical overhaul of the driving test: 
Back in 2014 PoliceWitness encouraged learner drivers to film their driving tests, covertly if necessary, after shocking figures revealed passing or failing the test depends just as much on geography, whether the examiner’s having a good day and their monthly quotas as it does on a parallel parking manoeuvre. 
With many driving instructors already using dash cameras during their lessons, PoliceWitness encouraged the use of video technology during every driving test, through the use of a dash camera. This would allow instructors and their students to ensure that the test was carried out fairly and an unsuccessful outcome was the correct decision, in which case the footage can be used as a learning tool to point out to the student where they went wrong. 
In late 2015 policy changing communication between the Chief Executive, Alistair Peoples of the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (the DVSA) and the Chairman of Policewitness.com was announced leading to one of the most significant policy changes since the driving test itself was introduced in 1935. 
This policy change now means that the public can freely record their driving test, using a forward-facing dash cam, yet despite this landmark change, many students are still being prevented from filming their driving tests. 
The DVSA, formerly the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) had previously used the Data Protection Act to stop the public from using video recording equipment during a driving test; advising driving instructors to immediately conclude a driving test, should they become aware the test is being recorded. 
PoliceWitness has recently learnt that this important change in policy has been poorly communicated, with many driving schools still unaware of the developments and the adjustments required. 
Spread the word, if you know someone who is learning to drive, make them aware of the change in policy. 
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