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22/09/17 - This is an important message from PoliceWitness: 
The police are acting. Now in our 7th year the great work from members of the public like you has finally resulted in some police forces taking that extra step to better facilitate a more prompt prosecution process. Of the 43 forces, 5 so far have created bespoke web initiatives that allow people to upload incidents to their websites. 
PoliceWitness has been campaigning for this for many years and therefore delighted. Albeit that so far it has fallen short of a central portal that we wanted. However, it is progress nonetheless. The benefit of this is that our incidents will be dealt with by trained officers who work solely on dealing with the type of incident we report. This is a huge step forward. 
What changes for our members? 
The only thing that really changes is the detail we require when you report. To avoid duplication we have reduced the information we need to assess the incidents we receive. 
We will continue to assess each video clip to identify offences and advise (where applicable) which force will deal with it. If it is one of the proactive forces we will email you a link to allow you to enter the full details of the incident from the comfort of your home. Where the incident falls within a force area not yet signed up to the initiative, we will forward your ‘first account’ report as we always have. 
Now this bit is really important! 
The police have advised and surprised a few individuals recently – these were non-members who have reported a ‘so-called’ dangerous driver through one of the police web initiatives, BUT due to their own actions have also been prosecuted. We’re all human…and often in the heat of the moment we may inadvertently do or say something that perhaps we shouldn’t. 
The police and Crown Prosecution Service are also at times requesting the 2 minutes prior and the 2 minutes post the incident. Again, this is catching non-members out. 
As you would expect, we will continue to assess your incidents in detail to confirm we are happy that you haven’t inadvertently committed any offences, no matter how slight, and advise whether you should or shouldn’t report the incident. Sometimes it may be better to chalk an incident ‘to experience’ than risk a potential prosecution yourself. 
And finally… 
Don’t forget – if you witness a collision, don’t forget to stop to get the contact details of the drivers. When you get home, contact us and we’ll negotiate the best rate we can. Remember third party companies will pay you to use your footage to prove or defend a claim. . That brief stop is likely worth around £200 each time! And best of all - 100% of the money they pay is yours! 
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