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16/11/16 - This driver didn't think they needed a dash cam but without a dash cam there could have been a very different outcome: 
In a recent motorway road safety incident, a car driver, stuck in stationary traffic on the M1 was surprisingly hit by the vehicle in front of him as it rolled backwards, out of control.  
The HGV in front rolled backward 8ft and hit the car belonging to a member of PoliceWitness, whilst he sat in stand still traffic. Mr H said "it was a complete shock to see a vehicle traveling towards you on the motorway and I had no way to get out of the vehicle's path." 
The footage captured on the dash cam clearly shows that the member of PoliceWitness was not at fault and that the HGV was solely liable for the incident. Without this evidence, the insurance companies would have undoubtedly concluded that both drivers should share the liability 50/50 and our member would have had to make a claim on his insurance and potentially lost his no claims discount. 
Commenting on this incident, the member of PoliceWitness said "I didn’t think I needed a dash cam until I captured this crash. If I didn’t have the footage, I could have be forced to pay a huge excess and lost my no claims".  
Typically, insurers rule in favor of the driver behind, as most rear end collisions are caused by drivers not leaving safe stopping distances, being distracted or travelling too fast. In this case, it was the driver in front who was responsible and the foresight of our member to fit a PoliceWitness dash cam has saved him time, money and stress. 
According to market research company GfK, dash cams have become increasingly popular in the UK with sales increasing by 918pc between 2014-2015. This is in part attributed to the shift in insurer attitude towards the technology and their acceptance of footage as evidence. Although another big driver behind the increase of dash cam installation is so-called "crash for cash" claims, incidents such as this suffered by [NAME] this month has proved that the little black box more than pays for itself. 
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