PoliceWitness Community Watch - a scheme with 'Teeth' 

Whilst neighbourhood policing schemes have been about for decades, nowadays these schemes provide very little to the overall policing model and the prevention and detection of crime.  
Many once dedicated Neighbourhood Watch enthusiasts are now in their later years, with the scheme serving as a wonderful social tool for them to meet and exchange experiences, good and bad. No slight intended, but the fact remains that Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators are struggling to encourage the wider community to get involved, with schemes diminishing. As such, the police in many regions no longer fund Neighbourhood Watch schemes, or provide very limited funds for the same reason. 
What is needed is a community policing scheme that has 'teeth' - a scheme that ensures criminals are identified and punished. Too many crimes go undetected, with offenders continuing to ruin the lives of innocent, hard working people. With our proven track record, PoliceWitness.com will empower the public at home too, interacting with the police in new ways.  
Who wants to read in a newsletter many weeks after the fact, that there have been countless burglaries in your area, or that cars have been targeted by thieves?  
98% of the people we polled said they wanted to know 'as soon as possible' if a crime is/was being committed in their street. When they say 'as soon as possible', what they mean is, as soon as the police are notified. Not after, not during, but AS officers are deployed! Even if this was simply to prompt them to look out of their window. 
The diagram above shows the view from each of the 5 witnesses who looked out their windows having received an alert from the police. As such, each have observed a different piece to the puzzle, it could be the colour of car, part of a vehicle registration, the colour of an item of clothing, the age of an offender, the sex, race, the number of offenders, or indeed the direction they travelled. These pieces to the puzzle are rarely known, hence why so many crimes go undetected. But consider the pieces collectively, they provide the police with the vital evidence needed to identify the offenders, but more importantly hold them to account. 
In the scenario above, (which is actually a very long street) residents have been alerted that a crime may be happening in their street and have merely looked out of their window.  
This is what they saw: 
Resident 1. Observed a red car and recalls the last 3 characters of the car's registration. They saw a male with grey trousers with blue top get into the drivers seat and drive off. 
Resident 2. Observed a red car drive off quickly but recalls only the first part of the car's registration. 
Resident 3. Observed two white males dressed in hoodies, one blue, one grey, the grey one had a diamond on the front, they were looking into car windows as they walked along.  
Resident 4. Observed a male with a black hoodie and grey sweatpants with stripes, acting oddly around the parked cars. Street lights were off so he couldn't see much else. 
Resident 5. Observed 3 persons running in the street, all wearing hoodies, a black, a grey and a blue one, they all got into a car that sped off.  
When the police arrive sometime later, they identify a vehicle that has had a rear window smashed. After speaking to the registered keeper, it turns out that they accidentally left their lap-top bag on the back seat, which is now missing. Rather than spend hours doing needless paperwork, the police officer immediately makes contact with each of the registered PoliceWitness residents. The above information they provide gives the officer the intelligence and evidence to make further enquiries. Being a long street the offenders thought parking at the bottom of the street and committing the offence at the far end would afford them a clean get away. They were wrong, the vehicle was traced. The lap top was recovered and 3 arrests were made. The offenders were dressed just as the residents had described an hour earlier. Now that's community policing!  
The NEW PoliceWitness Community Watch scheme will turn neighbourhood policing on its head, with the police advising scheme members of crimes in progress, not a week or month after the event, but as actual officers are deployed.  
Ask yourself this; if several youths are seen looking into your parked car, would you like to know before they smash the window and steal your belongings? Or after in a newsletter? If like the 98% of people we spoke to, you would want to know 'right now' then register your interest below.  
Pilot schemes are currently being set up and street champions are being sought to ensure at least 50% of residents want the scheme in their street. The scheme will be run on a not-for-profit basis, with all pilot schemes funded by PoliceWitness.com 
Would you like to get involved? If so, get in touch. 
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