It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of a free 999 emergency police app that has revolutionised the way victims of crime can liaise with the police in the event of a 999 emergency. 
The PoliceWitness 999 app turns an existing smartphone into a police emergency, video streaming and location device. A panic device. 
In summary at a single press of any volume button: 
• The 999 app provides a direct link to the police enabling the police control operators to actually watch what has occurred, and what is unfolding now. 
• The app relays a vast array of information about the user simultaneously, this includes, but is not limited to; their exact GPS location, their personal contact details, their next of kin, their date of birth, physical description, disabilities, medical conditions and a recent photo….to include all the information that historically would be requested during a 999 call. 
• The app streams video and is automatically uploaded to a nationally ‘Police ONLY’ accessible server, which then displays on a single URL the incident details. 
• There is no way to stop the images uploading, turning off the handset, or damaging the phone is pointless, the images automatically resume their ‘upload status' when the handset is powered back on and will have already sent any images captured before being damaged. The evidence is now secure. 
Following testing the app has now gone live. It is available for download from the Google Play Store and will work on any Android handset (iphone to follow later this year). 
Do you have an Android smartphone? If so, click this link and download it now. 
Your interest and support will help shape future policing and the justice system in the UK forever. 
The App Summary is available here 
The App Instructions for use is available here 
The App Terms & Conditions can be found here 
With a trend of not sitting idly by growing, encourage people to get involved in policing their community and assisting police, not moaning about them. We don’t mean in terms of patrolling the streets, but instead ensuring that their families are protected in the event that they do become a victim of assault, robbery and worse. is not solely about recording and reporting traffic incidents; we wanted to develop a technology that would tackle anti-social behaviour, domestic violence. distraction burglaries, robberies, assaults and even bullying. We wanted to reduce violent crime using little more than a mobile device. After all most of us have one. 
Those persons who will use our new personal 999 app may include commuters, school kids, victims of crime, particularly domestic violence victims, cyclists, and persons coming home from a night out, taxi users, dog walkers, those merely walking to the local shop usually swamped with abusive youths, the elderly and vulnerable and for children playing out. The list is endless. 
Much like an alarm system on your home or car, this technology is not aimed at the police service but instead to persons who feel it prudent and sensible to ensure that they and their loved ones are protected as best they can be, safe in the knowledge that should they become a victim of crime the images of the offender are captured on video, ensuring justice. 
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