The Police Complaints Advocacy Service 
Taking the police to task can be frightening, which is why we do it for you. The Police Complaints Advocacy Service was launched not to alienate the police but to help them... and you. 
Is the poor service that you have experienced as a result of funding cuts, perhaps due to a lack of resource or training? If so, this needs to be fed back centrally, openly and independently. 
If it's a question of an officer's personal conduct then that's a different matter. Having worn the uniform ourselves, our minimum expectations of every officer are professionalism, courtesy and respect. If you do not receive these attributes during a routine interaction with a police officer, it is our view that they have let you and themselves down. That said, if you have committed a crime and then subsequently resisted arrest, please don't criticise an officer for being robust and effective. 
This service is intended to help channel genuine concerns to senior management and where appropriate, seek compensation on your behalf. In the past 5 years, the Metropolitan Police alone have paid out nearly £7 million pounds in compensation to members of the public. 
Please read all of the following information carefully before raising your complaint: 
If you have more than one complaint, report each one separately 
We will only accept a complaint if: 
•It is submitted electronically using this service. (Hard copies will NOT be accepted) 
•Your video evidence has been uploaded to YouTube. (No other methods of evidence will be accepted, e.g. DVDs or memory sticks) 
•You have completed letters of Consent and Indemnity 
Choose either Word or PDF versions from the list below. The PDF forms will need to be printed first and manually completed. 
All letters of Consent and Indemnity, and examples of how to complete the PDF forms are available by clicking here or by choosing the 'Support' tab above. 
Any other documents such as correspondence or other evidence connected with your complaint should also be scanned and labelled with a description of the document as outlined below. 
Once completed, (ensuring that you have signed both documents), please scan and then email as attachments to: 
'Save' these documents with your surname and initials like this: 
SMITHW.CONSENT and SMITHW.INDEMNITY. This will help us to locate your documents. 
The information captured below will be forwarded to our Chief Executive's Office for escalation to the relevant party. Please complete the form as fully as possible. 
Your Details: 
Details of your complaint: 
Your Complaint 
Please describe the circumstances that have led to your complaint. Please include the following: 
•Who was involved 
•What was said and done 
•Where and when the incident took place 
•If there was any injury or damage 
What happens next? 
Upon receipt of your complaint, signed letters of consent and indemnity, these documents will be passed to our Chief Executive's Office for forwarding to the relevant party. 
If you are happy to proceed please click on the submit button below. 
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