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About Police Witness "This unique service offers the best protection and support to motorists and communities. Video footage caught on an in-car camera is the most successful way of securing a conviction against those who flout the law" - Alan Featherstone Assistant Chief Constable (ret) 

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How we serve you: 

Protecting you and your family 

Accidents happen, no matter how safely you drive. Whether you are a private individual or run a fleet of vehicles, unfortunately not everyone drives to the same standard. 
In the event of a collision that is somebody else’s fault, an in-car video camera or 'dash cam' will mean no more waiting months for the insurance companies to agree who was responsible, normally because the other driver has subsequently denied liability. The video evidence will speak for itself. PoliceWitness.com aims to protect you and your family from the perils of dangerous driving and the more recent danger of ‘crash for cash’ insurance scams, widely reported in the media. 
Armed with your video evidence, we liaise on your behalf with the authorities and insurance companies to ensure early and maximum settlement of your claim, protecting not just your no claims discount, but your future premiums too. With your help, we can provide solid evidence that you were driving entirely appropriately, due to the video evidence captured on your in-car DVR. The public, through PoliceWitness.com will in essence become the additional eyes and ears of the police service itself by capturing evidence of driving offences and criminality on the roads, including when you are directly affected by a genuine collision. 

Saving you money 

With an approved in-car Digital Video Recorder or ‘Black box’ (DVR) camera installed in your vehicle, we can act on your behalf to secure significant discounts on your car insurance, because we can prove that you drive responsibly and within the law. 
This means that your DVR ‘Black Box’ starts paying you back from the start.  

Making our roads safer 

We liaise with every police service in the country to ensure that the evidence you capture on your in-car DVR also known as a dash cam, can result in the best possible action being taken by the authorities. 
Reporting what you have seen on the roads rarely leads to anything. However, when supported by footage taken using a high quality in-car video recorder or dash cam, the process can be simple. 
When you Report an Incident to us, we guide you in the best way to save and present your video evidence. We then approach our dedicated contact in each police force area and secure the best possible outcome to achieve real Justice. 

Help and advice 

We provide help and advice on a number of related matters and, through our close links with other agencies supporting road safety, can get you the right advice that you need. 
With more and more people complaining that the police are not listening and responding properly to their complaints, PoliceWitness.com has launched The Police Complaints Advocacy Service, a free service, even to non members. As with any service business, if you want a proper outcome to your complaint it needs to be heard by the person at the top. This is true with the police service, the chief officers need to be made aware. Using our knowledge, persistence and where necessary, our legal team we take your complaint to the top. If you have a complaint you may even be entitled to compensation. 
About PoliceWitness.com 
Director of PoliceWitness and former Assistant Chief Constable Alan Featherstone talks about the growing popularity of dash cams. 
Chairman, Matt Stockdale explains why we all should record our journeys and about the unique service policewitness.com provides to motorists. 
Companies are increasingly being targeted by 'Crash for Cash' fraudsters. 
Fleet vehicles are less ‘precious’ to their drivers, and collisions are not subject to the same scrutiny by senior managers who accept a certain level of them as a business risk. 
PoliceWitness.com supplies a range of commercial ‘Fleet Protection’ equipment presenting numerous financial savings for the commercial user, meaning significant economies on both fuel and maintenance. 
An Affordable Option - Starting with a basic screen mounted camera also known as a dash cam, a ‘crash for cash’ or 'flash for crash', and indeed any other collision, is captured clearly and demonstrates fault without the need for lengthy proceedings. A similar product can have two cameras, the second of which is inward facing and provides reassurance that drivers are not acting inappropriately, e.g. using a mobile phone whilst driving. 
An Advanced Model - Moving up the level of product sophistication, a camera unit with ‘Black Box’ technology will not only inform a fleet manager about real-time locations of his or her fleet, but also about how the vehicle is being driven. Speed, cornering, acceleration and braking forces are captured, meaning appropriate management can be used to safeguard company assets and reduce the risk of an accident involving a vehicle baring your company name. 
Solutions for small and large fleets. 
Please email your enquiry along with details of the number of vehicles you wish to protect to: fleetprotection@policewitness.com 
PoliceWitness.com has negotiated the cheapest car insurance in the UK. 
Important news - No gimmicks or marketing ploys, PoliceWitness.com has secured the cheapest car insurance for members using a dash cam in their vehicle. Guaranteed. 
Paying too much already? Don’t wait for your renewal, enquire today and you’ll save a fortune. 
This is a genuine benefit with genuine savings for those associated with PoliceWitness.com - Members can click the following link for more information: Cheaper Car Insurance 
Cheaper car insurance is provided by our partners: Cheaper Car Insurance Organisations who like us recognises the benefits of dash cam footage following an accident. Part of your policy arrangement is the sharing of the footage from your dash cam following an accident, the aim to defend both your and their interests for a fast and easy settlement.  
BUT...If you have NOT taken advantage of cheaper insurance through our partners the following information will be vitally important to protect your insurance costs. 
Please find below important instructions you MUST follow in the event of a collision with another motorist. It is important you follow these instructions to ensure we are able to safeguard your excess, your no claims bonus, next year’s premium and any cash back negotiated. You must be a member to use this service. 
Following a collision: 
1) Exchange details with the other motorist as per usual, DO NOT mention the incident has been recorded on your in-car camera. (It may not, and you don't want to antagonise things) 
2) Notify your insurer in the usual way and complete the necessary paperwork. Most insurers now manage claims over the phone. 
3) Ensure you have completed our Letter of Authority – allowing us to act on your behalf. 
4) Make contact with our claims support team, by completing the Insurance Assistance form below 
5) PoliceWitness.com will then contact your insurer – and tentatively make available the footage that proves the collision was not your fault. In doing so, saving the insurer money, yet at the same time negotiating cash back for you and/or a substantial reduction of next year’s premium. This includes safeguarding your excess and no claims bonus, even if it’s not protected. 
How it works - whilst the other motorist may have admitted liability at the scene, it is standard practice for liability to be denied when the paperwork comes through from the other motorists insurer. This is quite normal, with each insurer taking care of their own clients repairs, it’s called ‘knock for knock’. This is a cost saving exercise, preventing lengthy and costly legal fees. Great for the insurer, however at a detriment to you, the policyholder. 
This is the reason we searched for a like minded insurance provider, unlike normal insurers, Markerstudy discount policies where the motorist records their journeys with a dash cam, meaning in the event of an accident you simply hand over the footage and let the professionals settle your claim, quickly and easily.  
Our members receive our complimentary Accident Representation Service, where we fight to ensure there is no financial impact on you following a collision. As it stands motorists are penalised even if a collision was not your fault. 
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