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Featured below are a selection of PoliceWitness recommended  
dash cams that in our view are the Best of Best.  
The cameras shown take you to the authorised distributor's website, where you can purchase your dash cam direct, cutting out the middleman, meaning you get the best price too.  
Beyond your dash cam purchase, our service provides the ultimate protection for you and your family, your motoring costs and your pride and joy. With the added benefit of being able to hold dangerous drivers to account. 
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Join the millions who enjoy the protection, security and benefits of using a dash cam, including the ability to hold bad drivers to account and make cash from their footage!  
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cheap nextbase 402g which dash cam
Silent Witness SW224 Front Camera 
Price Guide £229 - £239 
roadhawk hd best price dash cam
RoadHawk HD Front Camera 
Price Guide £209 - £219 
Vicovation OPIA2 Front Camera 
Price Guide £169 - £179 
DOD LS470+ gps sensor hd dash cam
DOD LS470W+ Front Camera 
Price Guide £199 - £209 
silent witness sw010 small discreet dash cam black cheap
Silent Witness SW010 Small Front Camera 
Price Guide £149 - £159 
RoadHawk Vision HD Front Camera 
Price Guide £149 - £155 
most popular blackvue dr650s front facing camera dash cam
BlackVue DR750s Front Camera 
From £249 
DOD LS475W+ Front Camera 
Price Guide £230 - £240 
lukas qvia T790 dash cam amazing HD images dash cam
Lukas QVIA T790 Front Camera 
Price Guide £199.99 – £274.99 
Vicovation MF3 Front Camera 
Price Guide £169 - £179 
Thinkware F800 Pro Front Camera 
Price Guide £265 - £275 
Cellink B Battery Pack 
Price Guide from £169 
blackvue dr650s 2 channel front rear dash cam best price
Thinkware F800 Pro Front & Rear Camera 
Price Guide £345 - £355 
DOD RC500S Front & Rear Camera 
Price Guide £299 - £329 
lukas qvia R975 premium front rear camera dash cam
Lukas QVIA R975 Front & Rear Camera 
From £359 
Silent Witness SW011 Front & Rear Camera 
Price Guide £129 - £149 
Lukas Qvia AR790 WD 2 camera front and rear dash cam
Qvia AR790 WD Front & Rear Camera 
Price Guide £329.99 – £404.98 
DOD LS500W Front & Rear Camera 
Price Guide £269 - £289 
BlackVue DR750s Front & Rear Camera 
From £349 
RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto 
Price Guide £155 - £165 

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