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The 2.0 Cellink Battery B is the "Ultimate Dashcam Power Bank" for your car in terms of safety and reliability. The Cellink Battery B is a powerful battery pack that will keep your dashcam running long after the ignition is switched off (single channel ~24 hours, dual channel ~18 hours) so you can be confident important parking mode footage will be captured. It takes only about an hour to charge completely and also prevents discharge of your vehicle's battery. 
The CELLINK-B is well known as the very best and leading dash camera battery pack for cars. The system was initially designed to prevent low voltage warnings (for example on BMW's).  
This option negates the need to interfere with the vehicles electrics, which is known as 'hard wiring'. The Cellink option is highly recommended. 
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Large 76.8 Wh Capacity 
This small battery pack can power a dual channel Blackvue for over 20 hours and single channel Blackvue for over 25 hours 
LiFePO4 Battery Technology 
High energy density combined with safety and consistent performance 
Super Fast Charging 
The Cellink Battery B charges completely in approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes 
Battery Discharge Protection 
The second generation Cellink Battery B connects only to an ACC fuse meaning that it poses no risk to the vehicle's main battery 
Audio Notifications 
One long beep indicates that the Cellink Battery B has started charging while 5 short beeps indicates when it begins discharging 
he CELLINK-B is well known as the very best and leading dash camera battery pack for cars. The system was specially designed for use in BMW cars to prevent low voltage warnings. The system is now however used in many different high-end vehicle brands and works to offer the user a long duration of CCTV video recording with their dash cam, after only 1 hr of driving time! 
The high quality lithium Iron phosphate battery means the system can reach temperatures of up to 80'c Degrees before the internal computer automatically shuts the system off safely. 
The CELLINK-B is also very high quality with exceeding reliability and performance, it also offers the longest amount of recording time compared with any other model. 
Running times include ~20hrs+ for a Dual channel camera like Marcus 5 or Thinkware F750/F770 and ~38hrs+ for a single channel dash camera like DOD LS460W / LS470W / Vivovation MARCUS4 / Vivovation OPIA2 / Vivovation MF2 GPS/ Vivovation MF3 GPS WIFI... 
The system works by charging a high quality lithium-ion battery when your car is running. When your car is turned off, the charged battery is then used to provide continuous 12V power to your dash camera without the need to drain any power from your car's battery. This process is very effective in minising the risk of battery discharge, low voltage warnings and flat batteries.  
Model CELLINK B v2.1 (2016/04) 
Battery Samsung LiFePO4 / 12.8V / 6Ah 
Color Black 
Dimensions (L x W x H) 138 x 124 x 44 mm 
Weight 962g 
Input Car cigarette plug DC 14.6V, 5A 
Direct connection (Fuse box) DC 14.6V, 7A 
Output DC 12.8V, 2A 
Battery Capacity 76.8Wh (12.8V x 6Ah) 
Charging Time 1 hour - direct connection via fuse box (7A) 
1 hour and 20 minutes - via car cigarete plug (5A) 
Certificate CE / KC / ROHS 
Note Cellink B Power Bank adopt rechargeable batteries, and the value of rated capacities are affected by ambient temperature, testing conditions and methods. The noted rated capacities of Cellink B Power Banks are all tested and approved by a third party test lab. (The available capacity decreases gradually with the number of use increasing due to the battery characteristics, recharge cycles are rated to approximately 1000-3000 (10%-20% capacity loss). 
Box Contents: 
- Cellink B (ver2.1, 2016/04) 
- Car Cigar plug (for charging the Cellink B) 
- Car Cigar socket (for connect your dash cam charger) 
- 2x Fuse leads 
- Hard-Wire intput lead (for direct operation and rapid charging mode) 
- Hard-Wire output lead (for dashcams with parking mode eg. Thinkware F750) 
- 2x Adhesive tape 
- Instruction Manual 
- 2 Years Warranty 
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