iON DashCam Wi-Fi| £79 + Optional lifetime membership for just £49 

•The Perfect Witness! In-Car Camera 
•125 degree wide angle view 
•Wi-Fi included. Pair with the free iON DashCam App for live feed, review video clips, send files and change settings (smart device required. iOS and Android) 
•Full HD recording 1080p @ 30fps with continuous loop recording 
•Incident capture - automatically detects an impact, protects and saves the file from being deleted or recorded over 
•No LCD screen 
For an example of the footage produced by this dash cam scroll to the bottom of the page. 
You now have 2 options; 
1. Buy the camera ONLY, Or 
2. Bundle the camera WITH our discounted lifetime membership for ONLY £49! (Usually £156 if purchased separately)  
iON DashCam Wi-Fi|£79 incl VAT  
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Camera ONLY 
Camera + Lifetime Membership  
(**Saving £107**) 
Featuring built in Wi-Fi the iON DashCam Wi-Fi can be easily paired with a Smart Device using the iON DashCam App. The Wi-Fi allows users to see the live feed, view video clips, save and send files via e-mail and change settings. 
Incident Capture - automatically detects an impact and saves the file from being deleted or recorded over. 
Continuous loop recording means an incident will never be missed. Files are over written unless an impact is detected, so no need to worry if you have enough memory. 
Automatic Start/Stop- the iON DashCam detects engine start and automatically begins recording. Voice prompt tells you your camera is on and recording. 
125 degree field of view means all your surroundings will be captured. 
Full HD recording 1080p/30fps. 
Here are some examples of the type of video quality you would expect from the iON DashCam with Wi-Fi. 
Voice Prompt advises you when the recording has begun and ended. 
The DashCam is The Perfect Witness to any accident or incident.  
Continuous loop recording 
Automatic Start/Stop 
125° wide angle field of view and incident capture you are sure to never miss a thing.  
Automatic incident capture means no big or small accident will be missed.  
The camera detects an impact and automatically saves and locks the video file from being deleted/recorded over then continues to loop record. 
Built-in Wi-Fi 
The iON DashCam Wi-Fi comes with built-in Wi-Fi to allow you to connect the camera to your phone to transfer saved clips in case of incidents. 
Wide angle lens 
The 125° wide angle lens shows all of the road ahead capturing your journey. 
Continuous loop recording 
Never worry about changing your memory card, the DashCam Wi-Fi loop records automatically recording over the oldest clips unless it detects an impact. 
Built-in GPS receiver 
Built-in GPS collects data of your speed, location, and time, using Google Maps. Using the iON DashCam App GPS data is then overlaid to the relevant videos. 
Auto incident capture 
The built-in incident capture functionality automatically saves and protects video files from being recorded over or deleted when an impact is detected. 
Photo capture 
Press the photo capture button to take still images whilst the camera is loop recording. 
Auto stop/start 
Automatic start/stop means you don't have to remember to start recording. The camera will begin recording upon vehicle ignition. Recording will continue even if you have "stop/start" engine functionality.  
Voice prompt 
Advises you when the recording has begun and ended. 
Resolution - Full HD 1920 x 1080p (30 fps) 
Other resolutions - HD 1280 x 720p (30 fps) 
Sensor - CMOS 
Image stabilization - Yes 
Sensitivity - No 
White balance - Automatic 
Aperture range - f/2.8 
Minimum focusing distance - 50 cm 
Normal focusing distance - 50 cm - infinity 
Focusing - Automatic 
Viewfinder - No 
Screen - No 
Screen features – 125° wide angle viewing 
Photo mode - Yes 
Continuous shooting - 30 fps 
Sound - Yes 
Video file formats - MPEG 4 
Audio file formats - ADPCM 
G sensor - Yes 
G sensor record time - 10 minutes 
Max loop record time - 10 minutes 
Memory Card – MicroSD (required for camera operation, not included) 
Memory card type – Class 6 and above required to operate camera with minimum 8gb – 64gb 
Number of memory card slots - 1 
Interface - USB 2.0 
Wireless connectivity - Yes 
GPS functionality - Yes 
App compatible - Yes, iON DashCam app, iOS and Android 
Shockproof - Yes, up to 1 m 
Freezeproof - Yes, up to -60°C 
Dustproof - Yes 
Mounting accessories included - Windshield mount 
Power options - USB 2.0 
Battery type - Rechargable 185mAh 
Battery life: 5 minutes. Needs to be plugged in to operate. 
Compatible platforms - Windows & Mac 
Colour - Black 
Dimensions - 50 x 63 x 30 mm (H x W x D) 
Weight - 66.3 g 
Manufacturer’s guarantee - 1 year 
iON DashCam Wi-Fi 
USB Cable 
5m Power Cable 
USB Car Adaptor 
Windshield Mount 
Quick User Guide 
DashCam Software CD 
No SD Card 
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