Lukas CUTY| £169  + Optional lifetime membership for just £49 

The Lukas LK-7200 CUTY is one of the most affordable cameras in the Lukas range. A single forward facing Full 1080p HD camera offering many advanced features for a great price. Full clear 1080p HD video offers great images in most light conditions, Normal recording, Event recording and Emergency recording modes. Full parking mode features low voltage cut off protection to prevent vehicle battery discharge. Massive up to 256GB storage option. Built in GPS and G-force sensor. Software for Mac and PC. 
For an example of the footage produced by this dash cam scroll to the bottom of the page. 
You now have 2 options; 
1. Buy the camera ONLY, Or 
2. Bundle the camera WITH our discounted lifetime membership for ONLY £49! (Usually £156 if purchased separately)  
Lukas CUTY|£169 incl VAT  
Plus P&P - shipping & insurance charged at £8.33 plus VAT.  
Camera ONLY 
Camera + Lifetime Membership  
(**Saving £107)**) 
LUKAS CUTY - replaces the LK 7700 
Capturing full HD 1080p video via it's Samsung 2.1MP sensor, it delivers crisp footage to be used in the case of any incident and a removable 37mm UV filter also helps to improve image quality further. 
Featuring a built-in GPS receiver, the LK-7200 Cuty records your speed and location in order to paint a complete picture of events surrounding any incident. And to help you to retain as much footage as possible, the LK-7200 Cuty supports SD cards up to 256GB which can hold a vast amount of data; ideal for anyone who spends a long time on the road. 
For peace-of-mind when parked, the LK-7200 Cuty offers a parking protection mode which allows the camera to monitor activity around your vehicle and record any movement of interest. The camera will auto-detect when your vehicle has been stationary for a short period of time and will switch to parking mode automatically. 
Please note, for parking protection to work effectively the Lukas LK-7200 Cuty requires power at all times and so may need to be hardwired to your vehicles electrics. Please see the optional Lukas hardwire kit.  
Please note, the Lukas LK-7200 Cuty requires faster than normal SD cards to be able to save recording without having any issues. Slower SD cards will cause the video to shutter or be of a low quality. 
Here is an example of the type of video quality you would expect from the Lukas CUTY Pro 
The NEW LUKAS LK-7200 CUTY Professional records HD 1080p 30fps with a 125 degree viewing angle 
Professional single channel true 1080p HD camera using a 2.1MP Samsung Full HD Sensor. Features include: 
Eight Language Voice Guidance 
Get spoken warnings of the camera status and alerts. English, Korean, Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Arabic. 
Clear 7 Segment LED message display 
See in real time your speed, times and date along with status messages 
Brilliant Video Quality and advanced features. 
Perfect Full HD video at 1080p 30FPS. 
The Lukas LK-7200 Cuty provides true Full HD video with 1920x1080p in smooth and natural 30 frames per second and 16:9 widescreen to provide lifelike images. 
Lukas LK-7200 Cuty provides 
1920*1080p Full HD video. 
16:9 optimised widescreen. 
Smooth and natural 30 frames per second. 
Smooth and sensitive High definition Full HD Video. 
Powerful vivid recording in low light environments. 
Anytime Anywhere perfect images. 
Clear image that shines in the darkness. 
Go beyond the limits of darkness. 
High sensitivity and low noise gives life to details allowing clear recognition at night. 
The biggest memory card available for safe storage. 
32GB not enough! The LK-7200 can work with SD card up to 256GB. 
Lukas solved the memory capacity storage issue once and all with its own technology. 
Boosting greater durability and completion, the LK-7200 Cuty is the only black box that offers stable recording on 256GB memory cards. 
Broad 125 Degree viewing angle that minimises video distortion. 
Shooting Natural and accurate images. 
It is useful to get important recorded images from the front sides of the vehicle the wide view video helps get important information at the moment of the accident. 
Lens Angles: diagonal (125 Degrees), Effective (valid) viewing angle: Horizontal (93 Degrees) vertical (51 degrees) based on 1080p 
Removable filters - Protect the lens and improve the image 
Lukas files protect the lens and help provide clear reflection free images 
Free UV Filter - Keeps harmfull UV off the lens and helps provide clear natural images. 
Free CPL filter - Removes reflected and scattered light from the windscreen and other vehicles and improves colour satiation. 
Why use filters? Often internal windscreen reflections can effect the video images making it harder to see detail, mounting the FREE lukas CPL filter on the camera will remove almost all the reflections making it easier to see this detail giving you more of a change to get the evidence you need. 
Diverse customised recording settings. 
The Lukas LK-7200 Cuty supports several recording functions. 
Continuous recording, 3 minute long recordings are made continuously while driving and when the card is full it loops back recording over the oldest files. 
Motion Detection recording, 30 second recordings are saved (10 seconds before and 20 seconds after) the moment the cameras sees any motion in the line of sight of the camera. This is also known as Parking Mode. 
Event recording, using the 3 axis G-Sensor to gauge an impact a 30 second recording is saved (10 seconds before and 20 seconds after) the moment the cameras feels any impact above the set threshold, saving this file to an event folder. 
Emergency recording, press the emergency button and get a 30 second recording that is saved (10 seconds before and 20 seconds after) to the SD card. 
Smarter functions of the Lukas LK-7200 Cuty 
Exact Location mapping with built in high sensitivity GPS using Google Maps. 
Location Data Logging, store up to a million pieces of driving information. 
G-sensor detects impact immediately, even mild shocks and is fully adjustable for driving and parking modes. 
Smart car DVR parking mode with auto switch over. Settings adjustable with Lukas Viewer and function can be turned off using switch on camera. 
Self formatting, no need to remove card, the camera can format the card if needed. 
Bright security LED with on/off feature. 
Built in HD microphone to record conversations with on/off feature. 
Excellent temperature durability -20C to +70C built in sensor protects camera from overheating. 
Video out port, us this to adjust the angel of the camera if needed. 
Built in Super Capacitor to protect last video file if power is cut. 
Firmware upgradable, always have the latest features and the best performance. 
PC and Mac Compatible 
View video files along side the driving data with the FREE Lukas Viewer software. This easy to use software allows you to easily adjust the settings as well 
Event Recording, G-Sensor, GPS Mapping, HD, Parking Protection 
Mounting Options 
Mobile App 
GPS Mapping 
Event Recording 
Parking Mode 
Video Resolution / Frame Rate 
Full HD 1920 x 1080 
HD 1280 x 720 
HIP (High profile) 
File Format 
Samsung 2.1MP CMOS sensor 
Viewing Angle 
Additional Software * 
Lukas Viewer 
Additional Software Compatibility * 
Windows, OS X 
Emergency Recording 
Motion Detection 
Loop Recording 
Auto Start/Stop 
Internal Battery 
Yes (emergency safe power down and save) 
Manufacturer Warranty 
1 Year 
1 x Lukas LK-7200 Cuty camera 
1 x Mounting bracket 
1 x UV filter 
1 x 8GB SD card 
1 x Cigarette lighter power cable 
1 x Pack of fixing clips and tapes 
1 x User manual 
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