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PoliceWitness.com is in the main a philanthropic organisation, now in its 9th year. PoliceWitness has a proven track record of holding those who flout the law and who have been caught on a dash cam to account. To date over a thousand dangerous motorists have received a range of remedies from fines and points on their licences, through to compulsory re-training at their cost, disqualification and even a prison sentence. All possible without a police officer in sight. 
PoliceWitness has been responsible for helping to shape policy both in terms of the way the police and the justice system use dash cam footage, but also in the way government agencies such as the Driving Standards Agency review theirs. PoliceWitness was responsible for a landmark change that now allows those who are taking their driving test to be able to video their driving test with a dash cam. This was previously strictly prohibited. 
Being a member of PoliceWitness means: 
1) You are able to hold those who flout the law and put others in needless danger to account 
2) You can use our online reporting portal to report dangerous motorists (no limits or restrictions) 
3) There is no need to attend a police station 
4) We review every video clip you submit, our aim to protect your interests, first and foremost - in case you have inadvertantly committed an offence yourself. 
5) You receive cash in exchange for third parties to use your footage following a collision (average is around £200 per incident) 
6) You have access to insurers who recognise that motorists who use dash cams are a lower risk and hence your premiums are lower 
7) We fight your corner in the event you are involved in an accident, our aim to safe guard your premium, your no claims discount and your excess 
8) Discounted Advanced Driver courses - through The Institute of Advanced Motorists  
A question we are often asked is….why do we charge a membership fee? 
PoliceWitness is in the main a philanthropic organisation funded by its founders. We are not funded by government, nor do we receive any kind of grant or support. There are obvious costs to providing the service we do, our aim is to simply cover these costs. That said, we don’t want our members to be out of pocket either, hence our Recognition Scheme, our Insurance Representation Service and our cash back initiatives. The aim to more than cover the cost of membership with discounts, savings and lump sum payments. 
So why not get involved today and do more with your dash cam footage. Help us keep our roads and communities safer by holding those who flout the law to account. 
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