The NEW Mi Witness HD Supreme | £249  + Optional lifetime membership for just £49 

The all NEW Mi-Witness HD Camera offers a more complete package than ever before. New features include: 
2 new CMOS Sensors 
Faster 800 Mhz processors 
Heat protection for the camera and SD card 
Integrated CPL filter 
Built in Smart Power management and WiFi Connection. 
For an example of the footage produced by this dash cam scroll to the bottom of the page. 
You now have 2 options; 
1. Buy the camera ONLY, Or 
2. Bundle the camera WITH our discounted lifetime membership for ONLY £49! (Usually £156 if purchased separately)  
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Mi Witness Supreme|£249 incl VAT  
Plus P&P - shipping & insurance charged at £8.33 plus VAT.  
Camera ONLY 
Camera + Lifetime Membership  
(**Saving £107**) 
Key Features & Benefits 
HD Video Quality - Crystal Clear front video 
Internal WiFi - View video and change settings 
Internal heat protection - Protects camera & SD Card 
Purpose built casing - Robust, reliable, heat ventilation 
Smart AV Port Tech - Connection to custom cameras 
Forward facing CPL Filter - Removes screen reflections 
Extendable GPS - For heated & UV Protected windscreens 
Internal Smart Power - Vehicle battery safeguard 
Cross Platform Software - Windows/MAC/Android/iOS 
1 year warranty + 2 year Mi-Witness Guarantee 
Here are some examples of the type of video quality you would expect from the Mi Witness HD Supreme.  
The all new Mi-Witness HD has yet again been designed with reliability in mind as well as being packed with features to make it the best product for all vehicle types and uses. Mi-Witness are so confident with the new Mi-Witness that we now give it a 3 Year Guarantee. 
The Mi-Witness HD system will continuously record your journey. 
The Mi-Witness HD records in HD quality video & offering the very best detailed video playback 
The Mi-Witness HD logs video & audio, braking, acceleration, G-force, and your GPS Location. 
The driver will have undisputed evidence of an incident, providing direct proof of whose fault it was. 
Mi-Witness HD can help in Resolving issues with conflicting reports of actual events by drivers and witnesses 
Offers unbiast Version of Events, before, during and after an accident front and rear* 
Speeds up the Insurance Claims Process, providing irrefutable evidence 
The Mi-Witness HD over time can result in safer driving, improves road safety & vehicle fuel economy and reduces erratic driving 
The all NEW Mi-Witness HD Camera offers a more complete package than ever before. 
New features include: 
2 new CMOS Sensors 
Faster 800 Mhz processors 
Heat protection for the camera and SD card 
Integrated CPL filter 
Built in Smart Power management and WiFi Connection. 
Mi Witness - Technical Spec: 
1280 x 720 (16:9) HD Recordings (MAX 30fps) - Cortex A5 800Mhz Processor & DDR3 2 Gbit DRAM 
Video Quality settings - Normal, High, Highest 
Angle Of View (HD) Diagonal 123˚, Horizontal 101˚, Vertical 52˚ 
Discreet compact design finished in Piano Black 
Free flow case design (specially designed Ventilated case to overcome overheating problems) 
Heat tested to 65 Deg C for reliability in hot conditions 
2 Megapixel Camera (HD Quality Video) - 1/3.2 inch CMOS 
2nd Camera Port - Supports AV & HD Cameras 
3-axis Acceleration G-Sensor 
High Quality - Integrated Microphone 
Internal Heat Protection for Camera & SD card 
Auto power on (ignition or cigar lighter) 
External GPS Receiver - Option with or without GPS (included in the package) 
Spoken Alerts & Status 
Clip on CPL Filter - (removes internal dash reflections) 
Auto Power on (ignition/cigar lighter) 
Continuous loop Recording, (removes oldest files when the SD card is full) 
Internal Smart Port* - This port will also be used for future additional features TBC 
Built in Wifi - always connected on 802.11 n WiFi 
Recording Modes (Normal Mode, Manual Mode, Event Mode, Parking Mode, Snap Shot) 
Built-in Smart Power - Battery Saver for parking mode & settings 
Firmware updatable for future features and settings 
Internal ‘Always Connected’ Wifi 
Internal ‘always on’ WiFi, allows you to connect certain smart phones or tablets to view live video, review recorded video and change camera settings on the go. 
Smart Power 
The Mi-Witness HD has integrated smart power technology for protecting your video files in the event of the power being suddenly disconnected. The included Mi-Witness HD hardwire kit allows for effective utilisation of the parking mode feature by protecting the vehicles battery from excessive power drain and is now controlled directly by the main camera. The settings can be changed in the PC software or via the smart phone app. 
CPL Filter 
The Mi-Witness HD CPL filter is a clip on polariser designed to enhance the video quality by removing internal dashboard reflections and enriching the colours in the video. 
Multiple Software Platforms 
Mi-Witness HD is supplied with FREE Windows PC and Apple Mac software for viewing the recorded files from the front & rear camera files. Software apps are available for Android and iPhone smart phones. 
Vision Plus 
Our Vision Plus cable makes it possible to connect almost any external camera to the 2nd channel of the Mi-Witness HD. This is ideal for trucks and vans with no rear windows with an option to add a monitor to get a reversing camera kit. You will require an optional 2nd camera, monitor and vision plus cable for this feature. 
Internal Heat Protection 
The Mi-Witness HD heat protection feature can be activated in the camera settings, meaning it will disable the camera if the internal temperature gets too high, protecting your camera and the SD card from damage. 
Future Proof Firmware Updates 
The Mi-Witness HD camera is firmware upgradable making the Mi-Witness HD as future proof as possible. Any new firmware is loaded onto the Micro SD Card and the Mi-Witness HD will do the rest. 
Mi-Witness HD Suports 16/32/64 Gig Micro SD Cards 
Mi-Witness HD camera supports up to 64 GB SD cards for longer recording times in excess of 19 hours. 
Mi-Witness HD Plug-in GPS Antenna 
The Mi-Witness HD has a removable GPS antenna. The benefits of a removable GPS antenna means that it can be relocated if you have a vehicle windscreen that interferes with GPS reception. Further more some vehicles with DAB radio antennas in the glass can have the radio signal affected by the close proximity of a GPS antenna. 
Mi-Witness HD includes 12 Months Warranty & 2 Years Insurance Backed Guarantee! 
Mi-Witness are so confident with the robust and reliability of the new Mi-Witness HD we now offer a 12 month standard manufacturers warranty with a further 2 year insurance backed guarantee, no other camera offers this currently. 
DAB Radio Safe - We Are DAB and GPS Safe 
The Mi-Witness HD has been tested for excess emissions that may effect your DAB radio reception or GPS device reception and unlike other camera systems the Mi-Witness HD will not effect your DAB radio reception in your vehicle or interfere with any GPS device if installed in the correct way. 
Mi Witness HD In Car Camera - Whats in the box? 
1 x Mi-Witness HD Accident Recorder 
Plug-in GPS Module 
Cigar Lead 12/24v 
Hardwire Cable 
MicroSD Card 16 Gig (class 10) 
CPL Filter 
Fixing Clips 
Sticky Pads 
User Guide 
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