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Silent Witness SW010 Version 2 
The smallest and most capable camera we've tested producing full HD evidential images. This camera is amazing in both capability and its small size. 
New version with super capacitor and no internal memory. 1080P HD video 
For an example of the footage produced by this dash cam scroll to the bottom of the page. 
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Silent Witness SW010 V2 is the smallest, most discreet and capable dash cam / in car camera we've tested. It produces full 1080p HD evidential images. Night or day. 
This mid-range dash cam / in car camera provides superb value for money and fits perfectly and discreetly behind any rear view mirror. 
•Simply ‘plug and play’ solution 
•Front recording 
•Complete protection with high definition recording 
•Earn cash from your footage, receive cheaper insurance and hold bad drivers to account 
•Option to hardwire to enable recording whilst unattended 
•With GPS and G sensor 
Here are some examples of the type of video quality you would expect from the Silent Witness SW010 Dash Cam, comparing both daytime and night time video. 
The Silent Witness SW010 V2 is a front facing HD (High Definition) DVR & crash cam with built in display. 
New for V2: 
- Now supports 128gb card 
- 16 micro sd card included, not internal. 
- Format reminder 
- You can now add parking mode module to keep the camera on after ignition is turned off, power module will be needed. 
- Lockable case in development and will be out soon, and some additional features shortly too. 
Ultra - High Definition 
Silent Witness SW010 uses a high end 1080p video processor and very high quality sensor not found in other leading brands of forward facing cameras. 
Recording Modes 
Silent Witness HD Camera supports various recording modes that will fit any situation; Continuous recording and incident recording. 
Continuous recording mode is activated when you start the engine,this camera has an auto loop recording system ensuring all crucial evidence is recorded. Unused footage will be over written when the SD card is full, allowing you to never miss a moment. 
Incident recording mode works with a G- sensor function, when the G- sensor function detects an impact it will automatically save the clip before and after the event into a separate file. 
Mini0801S: OV2710 sensor 
1.5inch TFT LCD screen 
Resolution: Mini0801S, 1920*1080 30fps, 1920*1080 30fps HDR, 1280*720 30fps, 1280*720 60fps 
Built-in microphone / speaker 
Built-in super capacitor 
Support HDMI output 
Support G-sensor file protection 
Support SOS manual file protection 
Support GPS trace logging 
Support micro SD card up to 128GB 
Support for Format Reminder 
20 File Event Loop Record 
WNR - Wind noise reduction 
Memory Use - 1920*1080 resolution, every minute's file is about 140MB 
16gb 2 HOURS 
32gb 4 HOURS 
64gb 8 HOURS 
128gb 16 HOURS 
1280*720P 30FPS per minute is about 60MB. 
1280*720P 60FPS per minute is about 80MB. 
Format Reminder screen Windows Software 
GPS Mount 
1 x 16GB microSD card 
Short USB Cable 
Extra Sticky Pad 
Installation Certification 
2 x Small Window stickers 
1 x Large sticker 
1 x Security Sticker 
1 x Business Card 
1 x Cigar Cable 
1 x Quick Start Guid 
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