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A big warm welcome! 
1. Your username and password to access the members’ and reporting area. 
2. Access to the insurance reduction page. 
3. Access to the complimentary PoliceWitness Recognition Scheme. 
4. Access to discounted cinema tickets for you and your family. 
5. A reminder about statutory prosecution time restrictions which are imposed on the police. 
1. Please find below details of your log-in and password, please keep these details secure. The following link will allow you to enter the members area where you can report an Incident: can also access this area from the homepage on our website. 
Username: policewitDm99 
Password: Dm46pw8v 
2. PoliceWitness has secured the cheapest car insurance for members who use a dash cam in their vehicle. Please use the following link to receive information on how you can obtain your cheaper quote: 
3. As a new member we are pleased to welcome you to the PoliceWitness Recognition scheme in association with Wider Wallet - your new Membership Benefits website. Please click here for more information: 
4. Additionally, as a PoliceWitness member you automatically receive access to discounted Vue cinema tickets. (saving you on average 30% off the standard ticket price). When was the last time you purchased a cinema ticket for just £5.00 plus VAT? To purchase these tickets simply click the link below:
5. Now you’re an empowered member, reporting dangerous motorists is easy. After you’ve done one or two the process gets easier and easier. Please be aware that the police only have 14 days in which to issue a notice of intent of prosecution, this is due to statute.  
To secure the best possible outcome, all incidents need to be reported as soon as they occur. All clips must show the correct date and time. Information on how to upload your video to YouTube and a guide on how to complete the reporting form can be found within the members’ area. We have also included details of the type of incident the police act upon. 
We look forward to receiving your incidents and helping us make our roads and communities a safer place. 
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