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Thank you for your interest in Your free guide can be viewed here. 
If you are reading this, you no doubt already recognise the importance and immense value a dash cam has in protecting your interests, reducing your insurance, and safeguarding your family. 
In the event of an accident, or if someone needlessly puts you in harm’s way, how would you prove what happened? With no witnesses, the simple answer is, you couldn’t – it will be your word against theirs. The result, even with your no claims protected, is you will be asked to pay the excess on your policy (usually hundreds of pounds). But with a dash cam, the evidence is there for when you need it most. Did you know over 3 million people in the UK now use a dash cam to protect themselves? 
But owning a dash cam is not just about protection and reducing your insurance costs, it’s also about using your dash cam to generate cash whilst empowering you to hold bad drivers to account with real police action. If you want to help make our roads and communities safer, get involved. To date, bad drivers have faced a raft of penalties from fines and points on their licences, through to driving bans and even imprisonment! For a quick video summary click here
Members of can actually make money from the footage their dash cams capture. In the event of witnessing a third party accident, our members are encouraged to exchange details with both parties who then leave the rest to us to negotiate fees of up to hundreds of pounds, in exchange for use of the video footage. 
Mrs Cohead, from the Midlands caught on her dash cam a 2 car collision near a supermarket and received £200 for just a few seconds of footage. Mrs Cohead, like all our members received 100% of the payment PoliceWitness negotiated. This one incident alone paid for her dash cam! How’s that for service? 
Important news - has secured the cheapest car insurance for members using a dash cam in their vehicle. Guaranteed*. This is not a marketing ploy where discounts are offered against already inflated premiums. This is a genuine benefit with genuine savings for those associated with (*cheaper car insurance is dependent on your postcode, as some postcodes carry a higher risk) 
Click here to view our range of dash cams. What’s more, being a member of PoliceWitness is completely optional, buy your dash cam with membership or without, it’s your choice. 
Thanks again for your interest. Get protected – get your dash cam today! 
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