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This is why over 4 million people protect  
themselves with a dash cam!  
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A dash cam is the ULTIMATE way to protect  
you, your family and your pride and joy! 
PoliceWitness.com seeks to empower and protect you on the road through the use of dash cam technology, and at home as part of our community watch programme. 
But choosing a dash cam can be a minefield, as not everything that looks the same, is the same. Buy with confidence through policewitness.com - where we've done the hard work for you. All the cameras featured meet the high standards we insist upon to ensure that the footage they record are of evidential quality and admissible in court. 
The camera images shown in our shop are links that take you to the authorised distributor. No middle men here! 
Beyond your dash cam purchase, our service provides the ultimate protection for you and your family, your motoring costs and your pride and joy. With the added benefit of being able to hold dangerous drivers to account. More than a thousand of law flouting drivers have already faced real police action, all thanks to members of the public like you. 
"The PoliceWitness service offers the best protection and support to motorists and communities. Video footage caught by a dash cam is the most successful way of securing a conviction against those who flout the law"  
Alan Featherstone Assistant Chief Constable (ret)  
We're here to help YOU choose the right  
'evidential quality' dash cam. 
Play this video for an idea of the quality you should expect from a good quality dash cam.  
Buy your dash cam with confidence.  
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With the PoliceWitness service you get so much more than just a very convenient way to stop dangerous drivers in their tracks. 
Our track record of success is evident with fines and points issued, through to driver disqualification, driving re-training and even imprisonment.  
In a landmark case, a dangerous driver reported to policewitness.com has been imprisoned for 6 months, banned from driving for 2 years and 4 months, and will need to resit an extended driving test before getting behind the wheel again. An amazing result bearing in mind the absence of the police when the offence occurred. 
Don't confuse PoliceWitness.com with a dash cam supplier, we're not, we provide recommendations of tested and capable dash cams and provide a service that is completely unique...but more importantly a service that allows you to do more with your dash cam footage.  
In the event your dash cam captures a third party accident be sure to stop and obtain both drivers details - why? - companies seeking to defend bogus personal injury claims will pay around £200 per clip. Our members receive 100% of all monies we successfully negotiate on their behalf, meaning just one event will pay not only for your dash cam purchase, but membership to our service too.  
Further, in the event of a collision which has been caught on a dash cam, our members are afforded the services of the Insurance Representation Team, who fight to protect your no claims bonus, excess and next years premium. 
We look at membership to PoliceWitness.com as just another form of insurance, however an insurance with real tangible benefits, and a great deal of satisfaction knowing that drivers who flout the law, putting others at risk, are being held to account. 

 Got your own dash cam / in car camera? 

Enjoy protection and all the benefits of PoliceWitness membership with any of these simple membership options. 
SPECIAL DISCOUNT - Life time membership naturally offers the best value for money. Join us today for as littkle as £25! 
Still unsure? Read our member reviews for an independent view. Or if you prefer, drop us an email instead. We’re here to help. 
3 months membership  
Annual membership 
Life time membership 
Examples of the HD quality footage you can expect from our recommended cameras: 
✔  Protect yourself, your car and your motoring costs 
✔  Our members get genuine cheaper car insurance! 
✔  Even earn cash from your dash cam footage! 
✔  Dash cams are easy - simply plug it in and go! 
✔  Report those who put others in harms way 
✔  Enjoy a host of membership benefits - click here 
Watch this short video for an overview of what Police Witness is about and what being a member means to you and your pocket. 
Still unsure what dash cam to buy? Here are some bestsellers, but click here for our full range. 
cheap nextbase 402g which dash cam
Silent Witness SW224 
roadhawk hd best price dash cam
RoadHawk HD 
Vicovation OPIA2 
DOD LS470+ gps sensor hd dash cam
DOD LS470W+ 
blackvue dr650s 2 channel front rear dash cam best price
BlackVue DR650S 2 Channel  
lukas qvia R975 premium front rear camera dash cam
Lukas QVIA R975 
Lukas Qvia AR790 WD 2 camera front and rear dash cam
Qvia AR790 WD 2 Channel 
silent witness sw010 small discreet dash cam black cheap
Silent Witness SW010 
most popular blackvue dr650s front facing camera dash cam
BlackVue DR650S 1 Channel  
lukas qvia T790 dash cam amazing HD images dash cam
Lukas QVIA T790 
RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto 
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