Choosing the Right Dash Cam 

Choosing the right in-car camera or dash cam is a minefield. What are more important, megapixels or high definition? The size of lens or the angle of lens? Recording quality or playback quality? The list goes on and on...with opinions varied. 
When it comes to evidence, having the right quality of image is critical. All the dash cams / in car cameras featured on our website have been extensively tested and carry our endorsement. Simply click on the dash cam / in car camera that catches your eye for a more detailed description, specification and an example of the video quality it can capture. 
Low end priced dash cams / in car cameras are great for capturing the general ‘what happened’ to show to your mates, it may be argued by a defence barrister that the footage is totally insufficient to use as evidence in a court of law. Bear this in mind, before you spend your money. 
If you are serious about 1) protecting your no claims bonus and your premium, and 2) wanting to report incidents of poor driving to the Police, then you need to be looking towards the higher end of the dash cam / in car camera market. 
As with anything in life, the usual rule of thumb applies… ‘you get what you pay for’. 
You can’t go too far wrong if you stick to that principle. An important thing to consider, when it comes to evidence, having the right quality of image is critical. The Police will not support a complaint where the evidence is not clear and irrefutable. 
All dash cams / in car cameras supplied through can be bought with or without our lifetime membership and have been extensively tested to meet our high standards. 

An example of a 'so called' HD camera - Beware! 

The above image was taken from a "so called" high definition dash cam / in car camera sourced through a well known online retailer. The price was amazing, very was almost too good to be true! 
Forget Specs 
Be sure to ask your dash cam supplier if their product can capture a vehicle number plate. The cameras featured on our site can.  
A "prosecution quality" image 
Taken by one of the dash cams / in car cameras we recommend with the number plate clearly visible. 
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